Do you know which parameters should be referenced for selecting LED lights?

Sep. 26, 2020

  In the current era, people began to pay more attention to health, of course, lighting is the same, so people to began to notice the application of LED lights. LED lights began to receive attention because LED lights not only increased the life of lighting products, but also added other options of customers. More choices allow customers to get better lighting products. Compared with the past, the price of LED lights has gradually been accepted by the public. However, many people have only heard of LED lights. If they really want to choose, what kind of indicators should they pay attention to? Which indicators can be selected to choose a suitable LED light? Let us look at it.

  1. First, we can look at the CRI indicator, which is an important indicator for evaluating the quality of lighting and an important parameter for measuring the color characteristics of a light source. What about those parameters?

Of course, the higher the better the parameters, the better the CRI. If it is 80-100, the effect of 80 is worse. If it is less than 50, the lighting effect of this kind of lamp can not be very satisfactory.

LED light CRI rendering.jpg

  Let's take a look at an effect diagram that is more intuitive.

2. The second indicator to look at is CCT (color temperature). This is the value that represents the color of the light. It is based on open temperature K. The usual photographic floodlight is about 3000-3400K. The direct light of the sun is about 5000-6000K. Do you have an impression now?

The CCT biased toward yellow light is about 3000K, while the white light is about 5500K, and the blue light CCT is 8000-10000K. However, it does not say that the value of light is better, only to see everyone's choice, choose the right one is the best.

LED Corn Light 4000-5000K.jpg

Shown in the figure is the actual rendering of LED corn light. The color temperature is about 3000-4000K.

3.Power and efficiency

  The luminous efficiency of LED products determines the energy saving of a lamp. The power saving effect is in the unit of Lm/W. The higher the value, the better. So choosing a high-efficiency LED light is a good choice. Now the LED light, 16W LED light is equivalent to the luminous flux of the previous 200W incandescent lamp.


This product has a number of authoritative certifications, then you can use the product with confidence, because the product certification has a very strict check standard.

LED light Certification.png

These values are important parameters for selecting LED light. They determine the energy saving and use effect of LED lighting.

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