Is LED street light necessary prevent thunder?

Sep. 26, 2020

Is LED street light necessary prevent thunder?

The current development of street lights is very fast. From the initial sodium lights and mercury lights to the current LED lights, many lighting projects want to use LED street lights. After a long development process, at the same time, some technical problems have been encountered in this development process Problemem. But with LED street lights now facing a problem, is that it does not need lightning protection?

LED street lights are related to residents, so many details need to be noted. In recent years, LED street lights have become more and more widely used. LED street lights require a small supply voltage, so their lightning protection is gradually lost.

In some coastal cities, thunder is more serious. Although many areas are still relatively good, they must be prepared for lightning protection in advance. If it is too late to wait until the danger occurs, how should the LED street light be protected against lightning?

1.The necessity of lightning protection for LED street lights

Lightning strikes are electrostatic discharges that typically carry millions of volts from the clouds to the ground or to another cloud. During transmission, lightning generates electromagnetic fields in the air, inducing thousands of volts (ie, surges) to the power line and generating induced currents that travel hundreds of miles away. These indirect attacks typically occur in outdoor exposed wires, such as street lights. Equipment such as traffic lights and base stations transmit surges. The surge protection module directly faces the surge interference from the power line at the front end of the circuit. It transfers or absorbs surge energy, minimizing the threat of surges to other working circuits, such as AC/DC power units in LED lighting fixtures.

For LED street lights, lightning generates an induced surge on the power line. This surge of energy creates a surge on the wire, that is, a surge wave. The surge is transmitted through such induction. The outside world has a surge. The wave will create a tip on the sine wave in the 220V transmission line. When the tip enters the street light, it will damage the LED street light circuit.

Is LED street light necessary prevent thunder?

Street lights have been around for many years. Why do you need to find lightning protection for street lights now? In fact, the high-pressure sodium lights and traditional mercury lights used in the past are designed with high-pressure bulbs, which have the effect of lightning protection. In recent years, LED lights have become more and more popular. LED lights need to have a small supply voltage. Usually, the power supply is used to convert AC power into DC power. This makes the LED street light itself have no lightning protection, so it needs to be designed for street lights. Lightning protection module.

The importance of streetlight lightning protection is determined by the concept of payback period. Since the LED street light is about twice as expensive as the traditional street light, the government has a large investment amount at the beginning of the purchase, so it is necessary to save the cost by energy saving during the operation. Therefore, the life of the LED light is very important. If the LED light has not earned back the cost and it is broken during the investment period, it will cost money to repair it. The labor cost for maintenance is twice as expensive as the installation. Therefore, in the LED era, to achieve LED power saving, saving money, You need to ensure that your life expectancy can reach your expectations, that is, the product has a long shelf life. To achieve cost savings, the street lights are not damaged during the investment recovery period. This requires a lightning protection module for the LED streetlight to maximize the economy.

Is LED street light necessary prevent thunder?

Many manufacturers have been doing energy-saving street lights. The defined street light specifications are usually visible indicators such as brightness, illumination angle, lighting color, power consumption, etc., and often overlook the lightning-proof indicator. Not only countries such as the United States and Europe, In fact, in countries with high mines, such as Malaysia and India, long-established standards have been established to require local street lights to pass a set lightning protection test.

2. US three-level lightning protection standard

In the national standards issued by the United States, three levels of lightning protection standards have been introduced. The three grades are due to the fact that the tribes of the East and West tribes in the United States are quite different. The high mines can reach 30 to 40 times, while the low mines have only one or two times. Therefore, three levels are standard, namely 6kV and 10kV. And 20kV. This makes it possible to purchase LED street lights according to local conditions.

3. Lightning protection module.

Although the lightning protection module itself can provide lightning protection for LED lights, it also has its own risks. Therefore, it is very important to install a safe lightning protection module.

mars series led street light Lightning protection module

With the advent of the intelligent era, the use of LED street lights has been extensive and the functions are becoming more and more powerful. However, the premise of functional diversification is to ensure security.

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