Why are LED Street Lights Popular

Sep. 26, 2020

Why are LED Street Lights Popular?

Today's street lighting fixtures are no longer the same incandescent lamps in the past, and now the street lights and other lighting sources have Metal halide lamps, electrode less lamps, energy saving lamps, HID light sources, LEDs, etc. Lamps with different light sources have their differences Where. Looking at the current trend of LED street lighting development, we should understand it and ordinary street lighting.

Why are LED Street Lights Popular

What are the differences? Why are LED street lighting fixtures so popular in today's market?

There are also detailed introductions about LED street lights.

Everything has low, medium, and high-end points, so it cannot be defined in general. The same is true for LED street lights.

The same, different technology, different parameter technology, LED street lights prices are not the same. And as a new energy development,

LED street lights are becoming more and more popular, and their design, decoration, matching and other tricks are more and more diversified.

The amplitude is also changing. If the quality is medium, the street light depends on the main road or the secondary road. Generally, the power is always 60w~200w is the main one.

The biggest difference between LED street lighting and traditional street lighting is that LED street lighting is one.

The whole electronic product, while the traditional street lighting is only an electrical product. Therefore, LED street lighting fixtures can

It is convenient to associate with various types of sensors, and then complete various active control functions such as light control and infrared control.

Can. Such as the active switch of the LED street light, can be completed with a light sensor; community night walkway and courtyard Lighting, can use infrared sensors 

to collect human activity information, and actively open and close street lighting.

Ordinary street lighting fixtures contain a lot of mercury vapor. If it is accidentally broken, the mercury vapor will volatilize to a large extent.

In the air. However, LED street lighting fixtures basically do not use mercury, and LED lighting products do not contain lead, which plays a role in the environment.

Protection; traditional street light fixtures generate a lot of heat, while LED street light fixtures turn all the power

Switching to light energy does not constitute a waste of energy. And for documents, clothing will not produce discoloration; LED street light Lighting fixtures do not 

generate noise and are used in sophisticated electronic equipment for libraries, offices and the like.

The traditional lighting uses alternating current, so it produces 100-120 strobes per second. LED road  lamp lighting fixture converts the alternating current directly 

into direct current, which does not cause flickering and can protect the eyes well.

LED street lighting fixtures do not produce ultraviolet light, so they are not like traditional street lighting fixtures.

Many mosquitoes surround the light source. The environment will become cleaner and healthier.

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