How to avoid Blue light hazard?

Sep. 26, 2020

How to avoid Blue light hazard?

The times are constantly changing, and traditional lighting such as incandescent lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps have gradually been replaced by LED lighting fixtures. However, LED lights have begun to be questioned by people.

One of them is the saying that LED lights are “hazardous” and there are many on various networks, such as rumors that can damage the eyes and have a great impact on the eyes.

And people on the Internet are also talking about it. Some people say “I feel like Led lights are a lot better because you can get many other colors then 5k — 6k, You can get a 2k that is really warm or 8k that is almost blue light. Some led light also do something that high pressure sodium lights Can't do that prevents light pollution and that is a sensor circuit that makes the led light dimmer if no one is around, but if someone Or something activates the sensor that will cause the light to be brighter for safety and there is amber led lights or even color changing. "

And some people say "I prefer the orange street lamps, its just a more pleasant light, the LED  bulbs have a cold unpleasant light that Pierces right into your eyes I'd rather stick with sodium. "

How to avoid Blue light hazard?

In these discussions, the problem revolves around the problem of light illumination of LED lights. With the increasing popularity of LED light sources, we also need to know these issues. What is the LED light actually?

According to statistics, the global LED lighting market size has increased from approximately US$5 billion in 2011 to approximately US$20.4 billion in 2015.

The average annual compound growth rate is over 40%. With the global energy crisis, the environmental awareness of residents and the development of LED lighting technology and cost,

It is expected that the LED lighting industry will continue to grow at a relatively fast rate in the next few years. By 2020, the global LED lighting market will exceed 70 billion US dollars.

2015-2020 annual compound growth rate is close to 30%

And as incandescent lamps are eliminated, LED light sources are also becoming mainstream products in the market. Some people say that the blue light of LED is harmful to the eyes, but in fact, as long as it is a qualified product,

The radiance of the blue light is within a reasonable range and will not cause much damage to the eyes.

So, is it possible to look at the blue light content through product parameters?

It is impossible to estimate whether the blue light is excessive due to the “voltage and frequency” published from the product, because the voltage and frequency are electrical indicators.

Blue light is an optical indicator. And the “light flux” it claims is an optical indicator, but only the total luminous flux of white light, Rather than the luminous flux of blue light, it is difficult for the average consumer to judge whether the light is excessive or not. And here is a suggestion, that is the indoor LED light source color temperature does not exceed 4000K.

So, how harmful is LED Blu-ray? In fact, the impact of Blu-ray hazard lighting is not unique to LED lighting fixtures. Some of the previous metal halide lamps and fluorescent lamps have long existed.

Under normal circumstances, indoors can only use LED lighting products classified as Class 1 or below.

In order to avoid the adverse effects of LED lighting products on human health caused by too high color temperature,

The color temperature of indoor LED lighting products should not exceed 4000K, and the general color rendering index should reach 80 or more.

Indoor lighting should avoid the use of LED lighting products with color temperature of 5000K and above.

How to avoid Blue light hazard?

First, the products that have been listed on the national quality inspection by regular manufacturers will not have the hidden danger of excessive blue light. The simplest decision is to look at the safety certification of LED lamps and other authoritative certifications.

However, some manufacturers of LED lamps do not pay attention to controlling the intensity of blue light. The blue light in the LED lamps they produce is “excessive” and there is damage to the blue radiation of the eyes.

The indoor and outdoor lamps produced by our Lampshining are in line with national conditions, and have patents, strict quality requirements, and a number of authoritative certifications.

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