Lighting problems in barns,Using UFO to solve it?

Sep. 26, 2020

Ever since Edison invented the light bulb, people have opened up new avenues for lighting. People can see the use of lights everywhere, very nice and practical. We have evolved from the previous incandescent lamps to the current LED lamps, and the application of LED lamps is becoming more and more extensive.

The life that humans carried out before was temporarily settled in a specific place for a while. When the food in the area is exhausted, people will migrate and look for other places.

The formation of the city is after the invention of agriculture has made the food supply richer and more reliable. However, the city still needs a way to provide food stably in all seasons, so people began to think of ways to keep these seasonal grains for later consumption, then there was a barn.

A barn is a structure that raises livestock, including cattle and horses, as well as equipment and feed, grain, tobacco bins, dairy farms, sheep houses, and potato barns.

Whether the barn is storing food or storing livestock, at night, the barn is always in poor light and it is not easy to work. Can the LED lighting be used in the barn to improve the light? What are some considerations?

led barn lighting fixtures.jpg

1. First of all, we meet the requirements of illumination. The barn is generally larger, the goods are more, and the lighting requirements are still very high. Generally, the ground illumination lumen value should be high, to facilitate the identification of the goods;

2, energy-saving: to achieve intelligent control of the lighting system, barn lights suitable for high-illumination and low-energy cold light source lamps, LED Pole Barn lighting is a good choice.

3. Safety: Lighting fixtures with waterproof, dust proof and anti-corrosion properties should be used to ensure the safe operation of the lamps and the goods can be stored better.

4, life: we choose LED lamps to have a long life. Because for the barn, it is not appropriate to replace the lamps frequently, which will increase the cost, not cost-effective.

It is best to use LED lamps with good stability and long life. The lamp 50000H comes standard and the after-sales cost is extremely low. The luminaire supports lifting and ceiling mounting.

5, restart ability: consider the luminaire that can be restarted instantly, to avoid the delay time of the luminaire is too long.

led barn lighting fixtures application.jpg

In the barn, we often use machinery and equipment. If the light is not good, we will easily make mistakes and cause more losses. If we apply LED lights, then we will have a good effect. LED Barn lighting is a good idea,

And we did apply it, as shown in the image below:

pole barn lighting ideas.jpg

pole barn led lighting.jpg

pole barn exterior lighting ideas.jpg

Pole barn led lighting in practical applications.

The lamps used here is actually the UFO-shaped LED lamp mentioned in the title.

ufo led barn lighting.jpg

As mentioned above, if your barn lighting also wants to improve, then contact us, and we will help you.

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