How to better use outdoor LED lighting to buildings

Sep. 26, 2020

Architectural lighting is not easy to achieve the desired lighting results. So how do we better use LED outdoor lighting to display the building? Lighting designers need to consider color choices, lighting and brightness, lighting direction, lighting options and installation. Architectural lighting design can express architectural culture and architectural image in a variety of ways. Through various lighting design to achieve the primary and secondary clarity, contrast, focus on specific lighting effects, then how to better display the effect of architectural lighting. Share with you a few points.

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1. The display of lighting colors in architectural lighting is one of the important ways to express architectural culture and characteristics in the entire architectural lighting. It plays a key role in shaping the perfect image and classical atmosphere of the building and enhancing the attractiveness of the building. The color of the luminaire is directional, emotional and symbolic. Through the use of light and color, the building re-creates a new image different from the daytime, bringing a new emotional experience to the people, adding to the charm and expressiveness of the building.

2. Different lighting modes of architectural lighting can be combined into different lighting modes, such as indoor lighting design, projection lighting design, special lighting design or construction, to form different lighting effects of different points, lines and surfaces. Overview of lighting design.

3. The direction of light projection is controlled by controlling the angle and direction of light projection to better highlight the characteristics of nighttime buildings. For example, a bottom-up beam can produce a different visual effect than daylight, breaking the light and shadow patterns produced by natural light, emphasizing the details of the building's features, making the daytime features of the building not fully displayed.

4. The lighting and brightness of the building controls the lighting and brightness control of the illumination of the lighting device, shaping the changes in light and shadow, and through the strong contrast between light and shadow, people have different psychological feelings.

5, the use of architectural lighting fixtures for architectural lighting design, the use of suitable lighting fixtures can enrich the night scene effect. Lighting fixtures used in architectural lighting design can be placed in concealed parts of the building so that the lighting fixtures do not act as a visual center or affect the shape of the building itself. LED landscape lights, LED garden lights, LED wall lights, LED flood lights, etc. can be used for lighting around the building. The architectural culture can be highlighted by careful design of the luminaires.

6, using symbolic elements combined with architectural lighting symbol elements and architectural appearance features, the use of symbolic elements (such as graphics, logo) for architectural lighting design, can more prominent architectural cultural characteristics.

7. When determining the perspective of the architectural lighting, the primary elevation angle of the lighting design can be determined by determining the primary viewing angle. The primary and secondary lighting designs for primary and secondary elevations can be different. At the same time, different distances, medium and close distances, and the visual effects of buildings can be considered. This decorative effect of height, medium and low makes the night image of the building richer.

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