What kind of LED lighting is used in the factory and workshop?

Sep. 26, 2020

What kind of lighting is used in the factory and workshop?

For luminaires, it is required in any place. The range of applications for luminaires is very wide. In different places, the luminaires used are different.

The whole world is promoting energy conservation and environmental protection, and green travel. Then, whether the lighting fixtures can also be green and save energy. With the current popular LED lighting fixtures, in the field of lighting, it is also possible to achieve green energy conservation and energy conservation.

Many large projects have invested in the previous stage to replace the traditional lights with LED lights, which can save costs back in a few years, and the pollution is greatly reduced, and the effect of lighting is better than traditional lights.

LED lights can be used from outside to indoors, and the range is very wide, and there are many types, which leads many people do not know which LED lights should be used in some scenarios.

Let's talk about it today, which LED fixtures should be used in the factory and workshop?

In fact, the dim environment is not suitable for the workers, the eyes will be tired, the work efficiency will be greatly reduced, and the error rate will increase.

indoor warehouse dark lighting

Workshops and workshops should meet the corresponding installation conditions and lighting requirements. What kind of LED lights are generally used? It is recommended to use UFO LED High Bay Light, but this also has certain requirements, different factory and workshop illumination requirements. It is not the same. For the workshop and the factory, because of the height problems and different types, the uniformity and strength of the LED High Bay Light are different. According to the overall area of the workshop, the installation span of the lights, and finally Determine the power of the led lamp required.

In actual life, led High Bay Light are used more and more widely, and some large factories have gradually replaced LED High Bay Light with ordinary energy-saving lights.

In actual prices, led High Bay Light are more expensive than energy-saving lights, but LED High Bay Light have many advantages.

1. For ordinary energy-saving lights, it consumes a lot of electricity, which is more than three times that of led High Bay Light.

2. The average life of ordinary energy-saving lights is only 1 year, while the LED High Bay Light can reach 5W hours.

3. For ordinary energy-saving lights, its illumination is only white and warm, while for LED High Bay Light, solid cold light sources, the color of the illumination is relatively rich, and the color can be customized.

4, Led High Bay Light energy saving, environmental protection, shockproof, waterproof, miniature, high brightness, easy dimming.

5. For ordinary energy-saving lights, there is mercury inside. If the bulb is damaged, it will directly affect people's safety problems, and LED high bay lights are useless.

Therefore, the advantage of LED High Bay Light is obvious, and it is more suitable to use led High Bay Light in factories and workshops. It is also more worry-free to apply.

The following is a real case of UFO LED High Bay Light.

indoor factory ceiling high bay led lighting

Shown in the picture is the 200W UFO LED High Bay Light, which has the following features.

With most suitable beam angle 90 and 120 degrees.

Integrated dimming by PWM, Resistance or 0-10V standard.

High Voltage 100-277VAC available

Long life span and less brightness degradation.

Efciency of power supply is more than 90%.

Industrial die cast anodized aluminum fixture housing.

No UV and near-IR radiation in the light beam.

Merryteck sensors and Zigbee system compliable.

Tempered glass,PC reflector,Aluminum reflector,Yoke Bracket,milky cover are available

5 year system warranty

DLC, ETL, cETL, TUV, CE, RoHS, SAA, c-tick CB

If you are interested, you can learn more.

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