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Sep. 09, 2020

tennis court lighting

What is the best tennis court lighting? Only the best for your venue is the best.

You may need to install lighting for your newly built tennis court, or the old lighting needs to be replaced and upgraded. We provide the best LED tennis court lights and the most suitable tennis court lighting design.

In the past, tennis courts used 1000W metal halide (80-100LM/W) or high-pressure sodium lamps (90-120LM/W), but their efficiency and lifespan were low. They had to be replaced after 1-2 years of use. The color temperature Low, poor color rendering.

However, the LED tennis court lights we provide can achieve a high luminous efficiency of up to 160-180LM/W, and the life span is 4-5 times that of traditional lamps. They are the best substitute for metal halide and HPS.

This article will list product recommendations and requirements related to tennis lighting.

Let's get to it.

1. Tennis court lighting standards

2. Case of Tennis court lighting replacement

3.How to choose the best LED tennis court lighting?

3.1 Anti-glare

3.2 High luminous efficiency

3.3 Light uniformity

3.4 Heat dissipation

3.5 Waterproof

3.6 Warranty

4.What can we do for you?


1. Tennis court lighting standards

The lighting standards of tennis courts are also divided into levels, there are three levels, the corresponding illuminance and other parameters are different.


Class I

( Top competitions, professional international competitions ) 

Class II

( Commercial area or local tennis club competition )

Class III

( Recreational games, local or small club venues )

Illumination requirements500 lux300 lux200 lux
Illumination uniformity0.70.70.5
Light colour temperature>4000K>4000K>2000K

led tennis court lighting

2.Tennis court lighting replacement case

The video is our American customer replacing their old tennis court lighting. This video shows the replacement of a 1000W high pressure sodium lamp with a 480W LED High Mast Light. It can be seen that the 480W lighting is brighter than the 1000W high pressure sodium lamp, and the color temperature is better and comfortable. If you are interested in learning about this project, you can click here to replace 1000WHPS with tennis court 480WLED.

3.How to choose the best LED tennis court lighting?

3.1 Anti-glare

The most important thing about LED tennis court lights is the anti-glare function. Glare can cause physical discomfort to athletes.

tennis court lighting anti glare beam angle

3.2 High luminous efficiency

Choosing high-efficiency LED lights means that it can achieve the purpose of light illumination without using high power, and reduce a lot of electricity bills.

3.3 Light uniformity

The light uniformity shows the ratio between the minimum lux and the maximum lux. According to the lighting requirements standard, a light uniformity of 0.5 to 0.7 is sufficient in tennis courts.

3.4 Heat dissipation

Tennis court lamps need to work for a long time at night, so if the heat stays inside and cannot be properly removed, it will affect the service life of the lamps.

3.5 Waterproof

Outdoor tennis court lighting is waterproof at least IP65, so that the lamps will not be damaged in bad weather. LED lamps do not contain gas discharge and fragile filaments, so they can easily achieve waterproofing, which is difficult for traditional lamps.

ip66 waterproof led light fixtures

3.6 Warranty

Lamps need a certain number of years of warranty. This is after-sales guarantee. When your lamps have problems, the best way is to consult the staff, which will save you a lot of trouble.

4.What can we do for you?

We have ten years of LED lighting manufacturing and sales experience, and have completed many tennis court sports lighting projects.

You only need to provide the corresponding tennis court and pole location information. Our engineers will design the best lighting layout and angle for you. After choosing the most suitable lamp, we will provide you with DIALUX lighting simulation design.

case of tennis court led lighting

Tennis Court Lighting Products Recommended

LED Flood Light


LED High Mast Light


LED Retrofit Kit (E26~E40)


bracket and pole installation led flood light400w and 300w led high mast lightFront and back of the led retrofit kit


The development of LED lights is beyond imagination. Metal halides cannot achieve the goals of high luminous efficiency, high lumens, long life, no flicker, no waiting, and no light pollution. If you want to build or replace the tennis court lighting, or want to know the cost of the entire tennis court lighting project, please leave a message and leave your mailbox, we will reply you as soon as possible.

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