What are the factors that affect the price of LED lamps?

Sep. 09, 2020

With the widespread use of LED luminaires, LED lamps have begun to cover the market in a wide range, replacing traditional metal halides and high pressure sodium lamps is already very hot. This has led to a significant increase in the number of LED luminaire manufacturers on the market. Because of the fierce competition, the price war between companies is fierce. Even though the appearance, structure and function of LED lamps are the same, the quality of products varies greatly, and even the price can be 2-3 times different, which makes many customers feel to confusion, how should we choose? Will those high quality LED lamp manufacturers be eliminated due to price? So, what are the factors that affect the price of LED lamps?

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Introduction to LED lamps: LED lamps are energy efficient, because they provide you with 90% of the lamp energy and 5-10% of the heat, which provides you with high-intensity lamps, which saves a lot of money. The basic structure of LED lamps is a semiconductor material chip, which has a strong anti-shock function. Has many advantages, such as: safe and efficient, energy saving, long life and so on.

Advantages of LED lamps:

1. LED lamp has a long service life: the maximum LED lamp life is 50,000 hours;

2. LED lights produce less heat: LED lights have lower operating temperatures, so unlike fluorescent lights, they generate a lot of heat;

3. LED lamp energy-saving type: safe and energy-saving, 60-80% energy saving compared to traditional lamps, thus saving you extra cost for additional energy consumption;

3. Turn on and off in time: LED products can start and keep running without any warm-up time or cooling. Therefore it is very efficient;

4. Environmental protection: LED lights do not contain any toxic waste and do not leave any carbon footprint;

5. LED lights with sensors: The largest indoor and outdoor lights with motion sensors. This means that the lights are automatically turned off and on depending on the environment and the movement of the characters, resulting in lower energy consumption;

6. LED lights have dimming options: LED lamps with Dimmable option, you can adjust the brightness of the LED lights according to your needs;

7. Low maintenance costs: LED lights only have a one-time investment. The semiconductor chip emits light without using filaments, glass bubbles, and earthquake resistance, and is not easily broken. And life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours, there is a five-year warranty;

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What are the factors that affect the price of LED lamps?

1. Wavelength

If you purchase LED tubes with the same wavelength, the cost will be higher. Without the LED spectrophotometer, it is not easy to screen. Buying a spectrophotometer will increase the production cost;

2. LED chip

The price will vary depending on the chip. Commonly used chips are LED chips from Japan, the United States, Taiwan, and China. Among them, the price of the big brand chips is relatively high;

3. Brightness

If the brightness is different, the price will be different. At the same power, some luminaires can reach 100LM/W, and our lampshining LEDs are up to 150LM/W. The price and quality will be different;

4. Chip size

If the chip is large, the die base is large, the heat dissipation effect is better, and the power to be received is also large. Then its price is proportional to the chip size;

5. Leakage current

The leakage current is relatively large, the tube consumption is large, and the use time is relatively short, so its price is relatively low;

6. Electric capacity

If the antistatic ability is relatively poor, the arc tube may be easily broken down and cause damage. Strong anti-static ability, long use time, stable quality, so the price is high;

7. Life expectancy

The higher the operating current, the faster the light decay and the more time it takes to use. Longer to use, the price is higher;

8. Light angle

The purpose of use is different, and its illumination angle is different. If it is a special lighting angle, then the price is relatively high. Such as a full diffuse angle;

9. Colloid

The ordinary colloid is basically epoxy resin, high-quality outdoor LED lamps, anti-ultraviolet and fireproof, and the price is relatively high;

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So when buying outdoor LED lighting you should consider the following:

1.LED outdoor light has dimming options;

2. LED outdoor light has motion sensor;

3.LED outdoor lights are environmentally friendly;

4.IP rating exceeds IP65;

5.Chip will become the high quality chip of LED;

6.LED outdoor light internal radiator;

7. LED outdoor light with good CRI and CCT;

8. Pass high quality certification such as DLC, ENEC, CB;

9. The maximum 5 year warranty for LED outdoor lights;

10. Instantly open;

11. Low maintenance;

outdoor led roadway lighting

Since the launch of LED outdoor road lighting products (street lights, tunnel lights, high pole lights, flood lights, etc.) in 2010, Lampshining has continuously increased the development of LED lighting products under the premise of ensuring high quality. A series of product lines have been formed in tunnel light products. At the same time, it can give corresponding road lighting solutions. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating high-power LED outdoor lighting and intelligent product development, manufacturing, production and sales. Welcome to call us.

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