Where to buy outdoor led tennis court light fixtures online?

The tennis sport has been very hot in recent years, and tennis is always indispensable in the games.Under the leadership of various star players, more people like tennis, and more and more amateur tennis fans.

If there is demand, there will be a market. With the increase of amateur tennis fans, more and more people play tennis on weekdays. Then you need more outdoor tennis courts. Good sports venues are important for both practice and practice. For the tennis sport, professional LED tennis court lighting is very important.

outdoor tennis court lighting

The tennis court lighting should meet the conditions of the most reasonable stadium lighting investment and minimum lighting operation costs. Achieve the brightest, clearest, true and comfortable lighting quality. Tennis court lighting should have a high price/performance ratio. Lighting design quality, total number of lamps, total power consumption, failure rate of stadium lighting, life, lighting quality and other factors should be considered.

In the past, tennis court lighting had these types: metal halide lamps, electrodeless lamps, fluorescent lamps, street lamps, and the like. Its price, performance, number of venue lights, The lighting effects are very different and the price/performance ratio is different. Many people don't know how to choose a good tennis court fixture.

outdoor tennis court

Now, with the rise of LED lighting, it has been widely used in various industries. So what do you need to pay attention to when using LED lamps on tennis courts?

led tennis court lighting fixtures

1. The light source of the tennis court lighting should use LED flood light (white light);

2. the lamp should use floodlight type, the lighting is clear;

3. The power of the light source is selected according to the height of the lamp, the density of the lamp and the lighting demand of the actual site;

4. according to different game levels, the lights can be grouped and controlled;

5. the height of the lamp is 6-8 meters is appropriate, installed in the line of sight of the person;

6. the distance between the lamps is larger, and the degree of glare can be appropriately reduced;

Pay attention to the above points. On the tennis court and badminton court, LED tennis court lighting will be a very good choice. LED tennis court lighting has power saving, no pollution, high performance, no filament, no glass bubble, no fear of vibration. It is not easy to be broken, its service life can reach more than 50,000 hours, and the comprehensive cost is low.

Many investors in the selection, through careful selection and comparison, to achieve the highest performance price ratio of tennis court lighting investment, to achieve the highest tennis court lighting effect with the most reasonable and scientific investment, to meet the conditions of high-end tennis court lighting. So, where can I buy outdoor led tennis lights?

lampshining 2019 new product led tennis  badminton court light

led tennis court light application

Contact us for more information on Lampshining, we will give you a satisfactory answer and a cost-effective outdoor LED tennis court lighting solution.

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