China LED Corn Light Bulb Manufacturers

Sep. 26, 2020

China LED Corn Light Bulb Manufacturers

LED corn Bulbs is a kind of LED lamps. Different from other LED lamps

LED corn Bulbs can shine at an Angle of 360 degrees. LED corn Bulbs are suitable for home, hotel, school, hospital, factory, high ceiling and other indoor lighting, as well as suitable for outdoor roadway lighting.

China LED Corn Light Bulbs

LED corn Bulbs have the advantages of high energy saving, long life, more changes, no pollution, easy installation and other advantages, which make LED corn lamps more and more used. However, will LED corn Bulbs encounter other problems when they are used, and how to avoid them?

Of course, it is recommended to choose a good LED Light Manufacturer, so that no matter in terms of safety or quality, LED corn light bulbs will not have problems, and LED corn light bulbs have a life of 50000 hours, easy to maintain, buy a good LED corn Bulbs, let people have safer.

The advantages of our self-developed LED corn lamp are as follows:

Using high brightness of original packed Epistar 2835 SMD chip which achieves 130lm/w

As the world's first new products ,LED corn bulbs could replace the conventional compact CFL light directly .

Unique construction design easier for power supply and light source replacement if needed,with full beam angle (360 degrees).

Fin aluminum heat dissipation system(PATENT design).The fan of active air exchanging cooling system in order to speed up heat dissipation.

No spot, no black area, long life span and less brightness decay

Various lamp bases are available , a wide range of applications.(E39/E40 mogul, E26/E27 medium)

Wide voltage External driver AC347-480V,High efficiency constant current drives,Efficiency of power supply is more than 90%.

No magnetic disturbance influence and CE & RoHS standard compliant.

No UV and near-IR radiation in the light beam.

ETL cETL CE RoHS certified.

36 months warranty

China LED Corn Light Bulbs

We come from shenzhen, China, is a professional LED lighting manufacturer, our LED Corn Bulbs after strict testing, has a number of authoritative certification, and has five years of guarantee, so that you can use the rest assured, safe use.

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