100W LED Light is Equivalent to how many watts of HPS?

Sep. 26, 2020

Many people are very concerned about the difference between LED lights and HPS lights. How many watts of HPS lamps can be replaced by 100W LED lights?

We use the following LED lights as an example:

100W LED High Mast Light (175Lm/W)Equivalent 250W HPS Light
100W LED Street Light (180Lm/W )Equivalent 200-250W HPS Light
100W UFO LED High Bay Light (200Lm/W)Equivalent 250-300W HPS Light
100W LED Retrofit Kit (144Lm/W)Equivalent 300-35W HPS Light
100w LED Flood Light (180Lm/W)
Equivalent 300W HPS Light

It is already apparent from the above table how many wattages of HPS lamps can be replaced by different types of LED lights.

street lighting

What is the performance comparison between LED lamps and high pressure sodium lamps?

High Pressure Sodium LightLED Light
Start Time3-5 minutesStart Time0.1 minute
Light source360 degreeLight source180 degree
Life20000 hoursLife>50000 hours
CCT2200-2700CCT2700-6000K can be arbitrarily selected
SpectrumUltraviolet drive, spectrum contains UV raysSpectrumNo UV rays, no skin damage, plants, no light damage
Light decay20% reduction in 3000 hoursLight decayTemperature rise below 85 degrees, no attenuation
Luminaire efficiency55%Luminaire efficiency90%

From this table, you can see that the performance of LED lights is better in terms of startup time, energy consumption, efficiency, color temperature, color development, etc., so you can replace high-wattage HPS lamps.

However, because LED lamps are more expensive than HPS, they limit the use of LED lights. However, in the long-term interest, the long life of LED lights means that frequent replacement is not required.

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