China new led light price list

Sep. 26, 2020

China new led light price list

The development of LED lights is very fast, and it is now possible to see the use of LED lights in streets and homes. However, when it comes to the most concerned issue of LED lights, it is the price. What is the price of various LED lights?

led light

LED lights are very different. Let us first understand the parameters that affect the price of LED lights. The important ones are mainly these parameters:

1. Wattage 2. Brightness 3. Color temperature 4. Illumination angle 5. Lifetime 6. LED lamp bead 7. Waterproof and shockproof grade 8. Shell material 9. After-sales quality assurance 10. Power brand and quality 11. Lamp certification

In today's highly competitive lighting market, there are many low-cost LED lamps that are made to gain people's attention. The only advantage of these low-priced lamps is that they are cheap and have no quality guarantee.

What we are going to list now is the price of quality LED lamps that meet the standards in all aspects.

Other products of the same type

ProductLED Street LightUFO LED High Bay LightLED High Mast Light
60W:   $10360W: $45
600W: $572
150W: $123150W: $611000W:$784
200W: $ 133200W: $721440W:$888

Our products

ProductLED Street LightUFO LED High Bay LightLED High Mast Light
Watter60w:   $9360W: $40.5600W: $540
150w:  $103150w: $551000W:$726
200w:  $ 113200W: $641440W:$855

You can click on the relevant product to view details.

And our products, many parameters can be customized. And the more you buy, the more affordable you can enjoy 10-30% discount.

lampshining new product

Why is our company's products able to guarantee the quality and quality while ensuring that the price is lower than other companies?

Because our company's products from research and development to production and sales as one, the products are private model products, the price of factory direct sales, and no other third-party to make a profit,

Therefore, our company can guarantee the quality and ensure that you can purchase the most cost-effective products.

Quality issues must not be ignored, which is related to life safety.

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