Why are modern LED lights widely used? What are the advantages of LED lights?

Sep. 26, 2020

  There are many industries involved in LED lamps, from home appliances to entertainment, from indoors to outdoors, to illuminate various places. In general, we can often see the application of LED lamps in our lives, so why modern LED light are used so widely. Where is the charm of LED lights? Let's see

  1. First of all, the life of LED lights is very long. Ordinary incandescent lamps are generally very easy to break with 800-1000 hours, but LED lights are different. He is up to 50 times longer than ordinary incandescent lamps, about 50,000. Hours, such a strong life, save a lot of things in terms of maintenance.

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  2. Anti-seismic, LED light was originally applied to the mine. In the design, seismic resistance has been considered, so the seismic performance of the LED lamp is very good.

  3. It does not contain Ultraviolet light, does not strobe like incandescent lamps, no Ultraviolet light rays, can reduce eye damage. Nowadays, more and more teenagers have myopia, and using good lighting can also reduce the possibility of myopia.

  4. Save money, LED lights can directly convert electrical energy into light energy, saving 35%-50%, energy saving and environmental protection, reducing the consumption of thermal energy. LED lamps typically emit eight times more luminous efficiency than incandescent lamps, saving more than 80% of energy in everyday applications. Incandescent lamps can reach temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius after prolonged use, and people are easily burnt and consume heat. The LED lamp is only heated to 80 degrees Celsius. It is a cold light source, saves a lot of heat energy consumption, and can use most of the power for lighting, so it is more safe and safer than incandescent lamps.

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  5. Wide range of applications, from outdoor to indoor, from billboards to street lights, to every household, while outdoor lights are more commonly used such as flood lights, high mast lights, LED corn lights.

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