Dimmable LED Corn Bulbs Advantages

Sep. 26, 2020

Dimmable LED Corn Bulbs

LED Lighting have been called the world's lighting trends. Under this trend, the advantages of LEDs are obvious, and what kind of LED Lighting can be more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, that is dimmable LED Corn Bulbs.

Advantages of dimmable LED Corn Bulbs:

1.10 sides new led corn bulbs

2.after 3years hard working,our brand new 10sides retrofit led corn bulbs 

3.has better air flowing,faster cooling design. every aluminum fin has bigger 

4.but proper distance than others

5.how heat transfer

6.heat was rapidly transferred the mcpb is tightly connected with aluminum 

7.fin heat sink, moreover, the high conductivity thermal pad make transfering enen faster

8.patent bulit-in aluminum fin heat sink group, led sources are tightly connected with heat sink.

9.2835SMD Epistar stainless steel screw side board 

10.distance up to 7mm, heat go out faster

11.high heat conductivity MPCB High heat conductivity Termal pad

12.ULstandard Driver the heart of the lamp which last over 50000 hours

13.blow heat out by sunon fan

14.10 sides buring, 360 degree without dark spot

Dimmable LED Corn Bulbs

Installation height advice:

1. LED Corn Bulbs are retrofit led bulbs which are with the lastest cooling heat sink technology

Thermal was blew out from sides borad gap rapidly.And they are just perfect to replace the existin

matel halide,high pressure sodium,HQI,Son-T,halogen etc

2. Since there are various wattage options for high bay lighting application,different wattage has

its perfect lighting effect at different height.

3. The overall temperature of the lamp will go down lower to 50 celsius degree for highbay,post top

and vertical installations

Outdoor street lighting, wall pack lighting,canopy lighting, post top lighting,

high bay light, warehouse lighting,pathway lighting,factory lighting,

supermarket lighting,parking lot and stadium lighting etc.

And dimmable LED corn Bulbs makes the energy saving of LED lamps go up to a higher level.

Dimmable LED Corn Bulbs

This is the description of Dimmable LED Corn Bulbs. If you want to know more, you can contact us: LED Light Manufacturer

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Dimmable LED Corn Bulbs Advantages

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