LED corn Bulbs don't work?

Sep. 26, 2020

LED corn Bulbs don't work?

1. The packaging protection of LED corn bulbs is not perfect, resulting in damage to bulb beads caused by impact during transportation.

2. The welding point of LED corn bulbs has the phenomenon of virtual welding, and the vibration in the transportation process causes the welding point to fall off and the light belt is not bright.

3, less solder, solder joints easy to fall off

4, solder quality is not good, LED in the bending process of solder joints are prone to brittle, falling off

5. During installation, the bending Angle is too large, resulting in the LED bulb strip solder spot and copper foil separation and not bright.

6. Excessive extrusion of the product during installation leads to chip damage to LED strip or welding joint deformation and falling off without light.

7, circuit board welding layer is too thick, solder and circuit board can not be fully integrated during welding, is also a kind of virtual welding phenomenon.

8. LED corn bulbs cannot be distorted during installation. If it is twisted, the solder joint of LED flexible bulb belt will fall off, resulting in no light.

Selection method:

LED corn buls beads light up whether the luminous color is consistent: at present, because there is no color discriminator in the enterprise packaging factory. Can shine into luminescent color of bulbs and lanterns to differ, assure very hard to quality so.

LED corn bulbs workmanship: under normal circumstances is the use of automatic machine processing, fine workmanship, beautiful appearance, if the workmanship is not good that it is artificial to do, it also proves that the strength of the company is not strong.

LED corn bulbs shell material: the general corn bulb will use aluminum body and plastic bulb holder. Aluminum is not only beautiful and smooth appearance, no rough feeling, and good heat dissipation performance.

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LED corn Bulbs don't work?

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LED corn Bulbs don't work?'>

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