What kind of lighting is used for factory workshop?

Sep. 26, 2020

The area inside the factory is large, and there are many requirements for lighting. If the lighting is not enough, then in the evening, the employees are likely to make mistakes at work. And here we recommend a new LED fixture: UFO LED High Bay Light

UFO LED High Bay Light.jpg

Compared with traditional lamps, UFO LED High Bay lights have significant advantages such as energy saving and long life. UFO LED High Bay lights have won the favor of new and old customers with their advantages of high quality, high cost performance and long service life.

So, what are the advantages of UFO LED high bay light compared to ordinary lamps?

First, LED high bay light has excellent heat dissipation system

For LED high bay lights, heat dissipation is the most critical. Because if the heat is not effectively conducted, it will directly affect the life of the lamp.

The LED High Bay lights lamp module fin structure, the back of the lamp is hollowed out, forming convection heat dissipation, reducing the chip temperature and improving the reliability of the light source. Ordinary LED high bay light, using centralized heat dissipation, the performance and reliability of the lamp is poor.

Second, LED high bay light has higher light utilization rate

For the application workshops, warehouses, workshops, etc. of LED industrial and mining lamps, insufficient lighting can easily lead to workers' work errors and accidents.

UFO LED high bay light has a secondary light distribution design to gather limited light to an effective working surface. Three light distribution modes can meet different needs; it can enhance the uniformity of lighting, improve ground utilization and save energy; It can reduce light pollution and light intrusion, making lighting more comfortable. Ordinary lamps, with large light distribution errors, or without considering light distribution.

Third, the light source modular design, easy to maintain, good heat dissipation, long life

UFO LED High Bay Light application.jpg

UFO LED high bay light have technical obstacles in many key links such as the free replacement of light sources and various forms of integrated lamps, thus hindering the popularization of UFO LED high bay light,

UFO LED high bay light source modular design, quick plug-in type, easy to disassemble, easy to replace, easy to maintain.

Here are our actual cases: UFO LED High Bay Light CASE

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