Factory Lights, Guide to High Lumens LED High Bay Lighting

Aug. 10, 2020

led high bay light

The factory is one of the most important parts we see every day. To ensure that the factory can operate effectively at night, you need to have proper lighting. If the manufacturing and packaging of products in the night factory want to go smoothly, lighting cannot be ignored, which will directly affect the efficiency and accuracy of night work.

With the continuous development of industrialization technology, whether it is a new workshop or a renovation workshop, the demand for lighting is getting higher and higher. At first, traditional lighting fixtures were used, and the luminous efficiency was only 60-80LM/W. In terms of lighting, it cannot meet the basic lighting needs of the factory floor. In terms of energy saving, it cannot meet the requirements of the factory. Traditional street lamps usually use 200W-400W lamps. In addition to the initial price is slightly cheaper, the energy consumption is huge, and the service life is only one-fifth of the LED lamps. For traditional street lights, short life and high maintenance costs are unsatisfactory. And LED Lighting only needs 50-200W to achieve the same illuminance, which directly reduces the overall energy consumption.

Therefore, in 2020, we have developed a high-quality LED High Bay lighting system for factories and warehouses. Its luminous efficiency can reach 160Lm/W.

Lampshining LED high bay light has been professionally tested and has a professional light distribution angle (90 / 120 degree) to ensure uniform and sufficient lighting in the factory. Dimmable design can save more electricity bills. Our LED lights can reach the rated life of L70 of 50,000 hours and can be customized according to the lighting needs of your project.

Factory Lighting Design

1. Brightness

Due to the large space of factory buildings, the selected workshop lighting equipment must meet the required average illuminance value. Choose high-efficiency illuminators, the greater the brightness, the wider the lighting range. However, it should be noted that the light of the luminaire should be selected as a warm white light to avoid hurting the eyes.

2. Luminous characteristics

The selected LED light must meet certain optical characteristics, such as light distribution, anti-glare

3. Heat dissipation

The factory is working indoors. Therefore, when the weather is hot, the indoor temperature is higher than the outdoor temperature. When choosing a lamp, please consider the heat dissipation of the lamp. The heat dissipation of the lamp determines the service life of the lamp.

4. Economy

When buying lighting, it is necessary to consider economic factors. It is not that the higher the light efficiency or the higher the power, the more suitable the lighting. According to the actual situation of the factory, choosing the right lighting is correct. The selected LED lighting must be easy to install and maintain;

5. Waterproof performance

Some customers think that LED lights are suspended from the ceiling, so there is no need to consider the water resistance of the lights. In fact, this is wrong. In a lighting environment where the air is relatively humid, it is best to choose a high-alloy LED lamp with a good housing seal to prevent moisture from entering the lamp. This is also a protection for the lamp. If the waterproof performance of the lamp is not enough, it is easy to cause damage and reduce the service life of the lamp;

factory lighting

Why use Lampshining LED High Bay Lights?

1. Heat dissipation

Folding aluminum fin design which are very light weight. Increase the heat dissipation surface area by air cooling to dissipate heat and expand the contact area with air! It speeds up the spread of heat! Compared with traditional die-cast aluminum and profile aluminum, which is heavier and there are certain safety risks. On the contrary ,the aluminum fin heat sink are more secure.

factory lighting design

2. Energy saving

UFO LED High Bay Light consumes low power, is environmentally friendly, and is rugged while meeting warehouse illumination requirements. It plays a key role in reducing environmental pollution and saving operating costs in the plant floor. In addition, we have configured an inductive sensor that automatically switches and adjusts brightness according to the environment and employee's actions, which is very helpful in energy saving.

3.High luminous efficiency

Industrial workshops with large machinery have high ceilings and large space, so the required illumination requirements are relatively high. Lampshining UFO LED High Bay Light has high light efficiency, up to 160LM/W. And LED is directional lighting. Therefore, it is very suitable to consider the height of the workshop and the design illumination.

4. Light characteristics

UFO LED High Bay Light anti-glare, soft light, uniform brightness, effectively avoiding the long-term construction personnel's eye fatigue characteristics.

5. Long life

UFO LED High Bay Light has a service life of more than 50,000 hours. And the switch does not require warm-up time.

6. Waterproof

The waterproof nature of the IP65 is designed to meet the waterproofing needs of the shop floor lighting.

factory led lighting

In order to get better help in your LED Street Lighting project or need more information, please feel free to contact lampshining LED Light Manufacturer.

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