What are the conditions for the high-quality power supply of LED street lights?

Sep. 26, 2020

What are the conditions for the high-quality power supply of LED street lights?

LED street light technology has developed to the present day, the overall performance of LED street lights has been quite stable, the key to directly affect the life of lighting is the reliability of power supply drive,

Data shows that more than 70% of LED outdoor lighting faults are caused by power failure or instability. At the same time, outdoor lighting is also the focus of many LED lighting companies in the field of competition and competition, Of course, LED street lights are a lot of attention, and there are also introductions in this You have to know the eight problems of LED street lights.

However, due to the natural phenomena such as thunderstorms, high temperatures in summer, and severe winters, the outdoor lighting application environment is inevitable. For the more harsh outdoor environment, what kind of protection can the outdoor lighting products have?

1, waterproof ability. Although the power supply of the market is rainproof and waterproof, the protection capability varies greatly. If it is only the protection level of rainproof, only IP65 is required, and the degree of protection of waterproof requires IP66.

This means that even if the amount of water is large, it can be safely used to avoid the influence of moisture, salt spray, etc. on the internal PCB circuit and components of the power supply.

led street light waterproof

2. Lightning protection capability. As we all know, the outdoor lightning strike climate is very harmful to the power supply. There are usually several types of direct lightning, conductive lightning, and induced lightning. Inductive lightning is the most common, and the power supply is also the most damaged, often producing 4KV or higher. Good power supply should have better lightning protection capability.

led street light Lightning protection

3, resistance to high temperature and cold resistance. In some areas, the outside temperature can be as high as 50°C, and the lowest is often as low as minus 30°C. This requires the power supply to have a wide range of operating ring temperatures, working in a wide range of -30°C to +50°C to ensure reliable products. The performance is stable.

led street light Resistance to high and low temperatures

In addition, over-temperature protection, over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, and even over-power protection of the power supply are also essential.

And our new product Mars Series LED Street Light has up to IP66 waterproof performance, 10KV lightning protection, and outstanding resistance to high temperature and cold resistance, to meet the above conditions.

mars series led street light

As a professional led street light manufacturer, the company grasps the products from the details, pays attention to the quality and service life of power supply, controller and battery related accessories to ensure safe lighting.

LED lighting products developed by Lampshining involve LED street lights, LED flood lights, LED landscape lights, LED corn lights, etc. We welcome customers to ask, we have a professional team to serve you.

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