LED Street Light Maintenance Factor

Sep. 26, 2020

LED Street Light Maintenance Factor

As we all know, LED street Lights have developed rapidly in recent years and occupy a certain advantageous position in the street Light market.

There is no reason why LED street Lights can be so spoiled. The advantages of LED street Lights are very great.

Many, it is efficient, energy-saving, environmental protection, long life, and fast response, so many urban lighting projects have been used LED

Street Lights replaced traditional street Lights, which saved time and effort. If you want LED street Lights to have a long service life.

Then we have to do regular maintenance. How do we maintain LED lights after they are installed? Under the.

Let have a look:

1. Periodically check the Light head of LED street Lights.as

First of all, we need to check the Light holder of LED street Light periodically to see whether the Light holder is damaged or whether the Light bead is out

Now the problem. There are some LED street Lights that often do not light up or the light is relatively dark, most of the possibilities are due to Light bead damage.

Is broken. Light bead is a string of string, and then the string beads are parallel, if a Light bead is broken, then.

That string of beads cannot be used; If the whole string of beads is broken, then all the beads in this socket can work

Enough to use. So we should often check the Light beads, to see if the Light beads burn phenomenon, or check.

Whether there is any damage to the surface of the Light holder.

2. Check the power supply.

Many LED street Lights are equipped with power supply. In order to make the power supply last longer, we should check it regularly.

Check. The main is to check the power supply, to see whether the power supply has normal charging and discharging conditions. Sometimes

We also need to check whether the electrodes or wiring of LED street Lights are corroded. If so, please do so as soon as possible.

Deal with it and avoid bigger problems.

3. Check the Light body of LED street Lights.

The Light body of LED street Lights is also a very important part. We should often check whether the Light body is seriously damaged or not.

Is the phenomenon of leakage of electricity. No matter what kind of situation occurs, we should deal with it as soon as possible, especially the phenomenon of leakage of electricity, the first time.

Be about to go handling, avoid the accident that has electric shock to appear.

4. Check the condition of the controller.

LED street Lights are outside in the wind and rain, so whenever there is a strong wind and rain, we should look inside the LED street Light controller

Whether there is damage or whether there is water. This is a rare occurrence, but should be detected in a timely manner

To deal with. Only regular inspection can ensure that LED street Lights can be used for a longer time.

5. Check whether the power supply is adulterated with water.

Finally, we should pay attention to the power supply of LED street Lights. For example, does the power supply exist?

Stolen, or if there water in the power supply. Because of the strong wind and heavy rain, LED street Lights have no shelter all year round

Therefore, regular inspection can guarantee the service life of power supply.

Therefore, regular inspection can guarantee the service life of power supply.

There are many factors influencing LED street lamps, for example, LED street light power consumption and so on are all problems we need to pay attention to.

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