LED Street Lamp Maintenance Knowledge

Sep. 26, 2020

Compared with traditional lighting equipment, LED street lamps, as a green lamp with no pollution and low energy consumption, has gradually penetrated into various fields of human production and life. The installation of LED street lamp is simple, without the tedious power line construction, only the lamp head can be installed on the lamp pole. However, the LED street lamp is not installed well without tube, need to be regularly maintained, to reduce the occurrence of failure. So what measures should be taken to maintain the LED street lamp?

1. Stage check whether the LED street lamp head is in normal use and whether there is any damage.

2. Controllers and light-controlled equipment should be checked and maintained regularly. In order to ensure the continuous operation of LED street lamp lighting devices, it is necessary to check once a week. In case of heavy rain and wind, it is necessary to check whether the battery panels have displacement and control whether the water is in the room. If this phenomenon is found, it should be handled in time.

3. Check whether the battery is in good condition or if there is water seepage. Waterproof measures should be taken, especially storage batteries and LED street lamps.

4. Storage batteries should be placed with air permeability and anti-theft, so they are generally installed in the lamp pole base. When the LED street lamp is working normally, it is necessary to check the charging and discharging process of the storage batteries and observe whether the electrodes or wiring are corroded at any time. If this phenomenon exists, it should be handled in time to avoid unnecessary big mistakes.

5. Check whether the LED street lamp body is damaged by leakage.

6. Regular inspection of the above five problems can effectively prevent major accidents of street lamps. For small problems of LED street lamps, the cost of maintenance is relatively low, while for large problems, it needs to spend a higher cost to maintain. Even change the street lamp, so regular maintenance of the street lamp is very necessary.

Street light selection color temperature is one of the factors that should be considered for a suitable LED Street lamp.

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