LED Football Field Floodlight Considerations

Sep. 26, 2020

How to choose the football field lighting for the World Cup? LED will be the future of football field lighting?

What is the LED football field lighting?

Football has become one of the most popular sports in the world, especially in Europe, South America and Latin America. Football is more than just sports. He has become a way of leisure for everyone. At home or at the bar, watch a professional at night. The game has become part of the evening life!

As the saying goes, a good ho


se is equipped with a good saddle. When you watch a professional game, you want to see it. You have a wonderful speech, but you don’t have a clear picture. Professional football players, professional photographers, plus professional Football field lighting, a wonderful game will spread to the world.

International football venue application grading and corresponding requirements.

According to the use function of the football field, the international lighting environment will be divided into five levels, but the daily general-purpose classification is only corresponding. The requirements of the football field are the basic requirements, and the requirements for watching the audience and watching the live TV are added. The weight and standard level are divided into three levels: high, medium and standard.

Football field lighting the highest level.

This level is currently the highest standard football field lighting standard, suitable for international competitions, global live TV, the Russian World Cup we are currently watching, and the 16-year European Cup, which is a typical representative of this level.

Football field lighting medium.

This level is suitable for domestic competitions, domestic TV broadcasts, and we usually use this standard lighting.

Football field lighting standard.

This level is suitable for domestic competitions, no live TV.

Generally speaking, the illuminate of this kind of venue is between 750-1000 Lumens, basically only need to pay attention to the player competition and the audience to watch clearly.

On this basis, FIFA's level requirements have increased: for league or club competitions, no live TV and for daily training or entertainment, no TV live broadcast, these two and the above three constitute five grades.

The LED football field lighting on the court, from meeting the lighting requirements of the scene, and even in large-scale events that require television broadcasts, LED football field lights can be very good to meet expectations.

When choosing an LED football field, there is always a fear of not buying a good LED fixture. And now, good lights you just need to click: led football field lighting 600w.

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