How to choose lighting fixtures for the warehouse?

Oct. 24, 2019

Warehouses are no longer just for storage. In today's cost-conscious, efficiency-focused environment, LED warehouse lighting retrofits are increasingly becoming a way to improve energy efficiency. Because of this change, manufacturers are looking for ways to manage costs more effectively, improve inventory control and streamline the supply chain. As a result, many companies around the world have begun to replace old fluorescent tubes and incandescent lamps in order to use more efficient LED high bay lights.

LED warehouse lighting retrofits are helping commercial and industrial users achieve significant savings in energy and maintenance costs while increasing productivity. Typically, lighting accounts for 40% of the typical warehouse's monthly electricity consumption. Correct design and replacement of LED lighting can save energy costs by 60-80%. And the LED High Bay Light, which is common in warehouses, has a life of 50,000 hours, three times that of metal halide lighting, and sixty times that of incandescent light sources. Improving the lighting environment can increase worker productivity by up to 25%. The increase in productivity is very good for the company.

warehouse led high bay lighting

In the warehouse lighting design, reasonable lighting fixtures should be used according to the specific requirements of the warehouse to save the enterprise cost and improve the lighting quality.

Lighting design requirements for warehouses:

1. First, determine the hazard level and lighting requirements of the warehouse based on the environment and usage of the warehouse;

2. In the lighting of the warehouse, choose the light source suitable for the warehouse (can not use fluorescent lamps, iodine tungsten lamps), the laying of the wires and the installation of the bulb should be above the channel;

3. In order to make reasonable use of the distribution of light, please determine the lighting standards, lighting equipment and switch lines;

4. Eye-catching fire signs should be set up inside and outside the warehouse to establish adequate and effective fire protection facilities and equipment;

In addition, the choice of warehouse lighting is very important. You can also save money and reduce the impact on the environment by choosing the latest technology LED lighting system that reduces energy consumption over time. 

warehouse led high bay lighting

When choosing a warehouse fixture, you should mainly understand the following issues.

1. Consider the potential cost of new equipment

This does not mean that you only consider the initial price of the equipment and installation required, but the operating costs for a considerable period of time. For example, if you choose a metal halide lamp with a lower initial price, in the long run, this will eventually cost you and your company more money. If you choose a relatively high initial price, but use led high bay light that saves 60-80% energy costs and has a long life of 50,000 hours, the longer you use, the more energy you save;

2. Maintenance of lamps

Conventional metal halide lamps are difficult to maintain when installed on high ceilings to cause lamp failure. Our LED High Bay Lighting fixtures are designed for high quality and long life. The cost of maintenance is greatly reduced. Little maintenance is required except for cleaning. Merchants can achieve a return on investment in a faster time;

3. Safety of LED lamps

Security is first. The lamp is required to have a certain IP rating, circuit sealing, safety hazards and low points of failure. This will ensure that the LED illuminator works properly and safely;

4. LED lamp life

Because it is not suitable for warehouses to replace lamps frequently, this will increase costs and reduce costs. Therefore, it is best to choose LED lamps with good stability and long life. And the after-sales cost is extremely low;

5. Energy saving problems of LED lamps

For warehouse lighting, it is best to use warehouse two-way lighting, which can be completely turned off during the day and two ways to open at night, effectively saving energy;

In addition to providing adequate horizontal and vertical illumination, the lighting design of the warehouse also requires attention to the distance between the fixture and the cargo;

There are two main ways to install:

1. Side wall bracket installation: Side wall installation is mainly suitable for warehouses with low warehouse height. Therefore, when using side wall mounting, the advantage of this type of installation is that it saves energy and achieves maximum lighting requirements with minimal illumination.

2. Suspension installation: Suspension installation is mainly suitable for large warehouses and requires a wide range of lighting, so it is suitable for lifting.

large warehouse led high bay lighting

We should also consider the lighting requirements of LED lights and should choose the appropriate lighting. For the lighting requirements of LED lights, it should be possible to clearly identify the labels on the goods and goods. Due to the high luminous efficiency and high luminous flux of the luminaire, the illuminance value can fully meet the requirements. In order to choose LED lighting for warehouse lighting, we should also combine the surrounding environment. At the same time, the effective combination of light source and natural light should be treated to improve the quality of warehouse lighting.

LED lamps have become a popular tool in the lighting industry. They are ideal for warehouse lighting. LED high bay lighting provides the best performance with outstanding quality and versatility. They are designed to reduce your energy consumption costs while providing regular, modern lighting for warehouse spaces. High ceiling warehouses require a specific lighting system to ensure that the space is bright enough to work in it.

Our LED high bay lighting is designed for installation heights from 18 to 60 inches and delivers up to 95% lumens for up to 50,000 hours. And the ultra-thin and lightweight design makes them ideal for high ceilings and ensures superior quality and high performance lighting.

And compared to traditional luminaires, in addition to waterproof, longevity, high efficiency, our UFO LED High Bay Light has more intelligent features.


The installation of the beam conditioner is also a convenient option for warehouse lighting. For example, if it receives sufficient natural light in certain areas, it may be appropriate to reduce the intensity of the illumination system in these particular areas. This will greatly reduce your energy costs.

2. Motion sensor

LED High Bay Light can be configured with motion sensors, and warehouse owners can reduce energy costs as warehouses are flexibly transformed.

large warehouse led high bay light

In conclusion

It is always wise to choose a company with years of experience and expertise in warehouse lighting. Since the launch of LED lighting fixtures in 2010, Lampshining has continuously increased the development of LED lighting products, and has formed a series of product lines in LED high bay light and warehouse lighting products. At the same time, we can design warehouse lighting design for free. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating high-power LED lighting and intelligent product development, production and sales. Welcome to leave a message for free consultation.

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