Is the heat dissipation of LED street lights important?

Dec. 16, 2019

LED lighting has begun to spread on a large scale, and many have begun to abolish traditional incandescent lighting compulsorily, and advocate the use of energy-saving and environmentally friendly LED lighting for replacement. There are many LED lighting fixtures on the market, which have been emphasizing how high the light efficiency and power are, but have always ignored the issue of heat dissipation. LED street light converts electrical energy into light energy + thermal energy. Only by reducing the thermal energy can better convert electrical energy into light energy, and heat dissipation can directly affect the performance and life of LED street lights.


What will be the impact if the LED street light does not dissipate well?

1. shortened life

Although ordinary incandescent lamps convert only 2-5% of their electrical energy into visible light, most of their power is converted to infrared or radiant heat, and LED lamps, although much more efficient, still have 60% converted to thermal energy. Therefore, heat dissipation is very important. If the heat dissipation structure of the LED lamp is not well designed, the excess heat energy cannot be quickly eliminated, which will cause a large amount of heat to the LED street lamp and shorten the life of the LED street lamp.

2. Declining material quality

If the LED light source is overheated, and the heat cannot be quickly removed, the material of the lamp body will be repeatedly affected by high temperature, which will cause the quality of the LED light source to decline.

3. Electronic device failure

The temperature of LED street lamps gradually rises, the greater the resistance will be, leading to more current, the more heat is generated, and the LED light source will cause damage to electronic components due to overheating, which will cause failure.

4. Deformation of lamp materials

LED light sources are composed of many materials. When the temperature rises, the size of each part will be different, so it may cause the spacing between the parts to be too small, and the parts will squeeze each other, causing deformation and damage.

Obviously, the first factor that determines whether the outdoor LED street light is of high quality is the heat dissipation performance of the lamp. Heat dissipation is a problem that LED street lamp heads need to pay attention to. Due to the high requirements for the brightness of LED street lamps, the use environment is relatively harsh. If the heat dissipation is not solved well, it will quickly lead to LED aging and reduce stability.

In order to avoid loss due to poor heat dissipation, LED lamps are designed with structural materials that have heat conduction and heat dissipation capabilities. Passive heat dissipation is achieved through the use of metal materials. High efficiency heat conduction and no noise are generated to ensure the stability and stability of LED lamps. The brightness is not affected. The heat dissipation performance is mainly related to the contact area of the radiator with the air and the flow velocity of the air. Therefore, the larger the contact area between the radiator and the air, the faster the contact air velocity, and the better the heat dissipation performance of the radiator. The higher. Taking Lampshining latest saturn led street light as an example, the design of the lamp body fins greatly enhances air convection, effectively improves the heat dissipation performance of LED street lights, gives high-performance LED chips a good and stable working environment, and effectively extends LEDs. Service life of street lights. It perfectly solves the difficult problem of traditional LED street lights to dissipate heat and affect the service life.



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