Why use LED street lights for road lighting renovation?

Dec. 13, 2019

Urban road lighting is one of the focuses of the development of the times. At present, one fifth of the world's electrical energy is used for lighting, and it will continue to increase. How to save energy and reduce emissions has become the biggest problem to be solved in road lighting projects.

led street light

LED street light is a long life, low power consumption, non-radiation energy-saving and environmentally friendly light source, which will be the key technology of energy saving and emission reduction. In recent years, traditional high-pressure sodium lamps have gradually replaced traditional LED street lamps. LED street lights are green and environmentally friendly, saving energy. The energy consumed under the same brightness is one-third of traditional street lights, which is very surprising.

However, there are still many people who have doubts about LED street lights. Why do street lights of the same power differ so much in brightness?

LED street light is composed of LED chip, lens, power supply and driver. Take our latest Saturn series  low power LED street lights for example. This is a low power LED street light. It is never power that determines the brightness of a street light. Power can determine how much it costs, but it is the light efficiency that determines the brightness. Our low power LED street light 20W has a light efficiency of 140LM / W. Most of the traditional street lights are at 60-80LM / W. And because the LED street lights are directional, our 20W LED street lights can perfectly replace the 50W-70W traditional street lights. Therefore, after being replaced with LED street lights, each street light can save more than 60% of energy consumption. Considering the potential cost of lighting is a very smart idea. This cost is not only the cost of the initial installation, but also the operating cost of lighting each day at the end of the lamp's life.

saturn led street light

Why choose LED street lights for road lighting transformation? The main reasons are:

1. The light of led street light is unidirectional and there is no light diffusion to ensure the lighting efficiency. The light of led street light is irradiated to the area to be illuminated, which further improves the lighting efficiency to achieve the purpose of energy saving;

2. The color rendering of led street lights is high, the color rendering index of high-pressure sodium lamps is only about 23, and the color rendering index of led street lights is above 80, which is a very amazing change.

3. The light decay of the led street light is small, the light decay of less than 3% in a year, and it can still maintain high illuminance at the end of its life. High-pressure sodium light has a large attenuation, and can drop by more than 30% in one year;

4.LED street lights can be turned on and off in time. Traditional lamps require a warm-up time of 5-10 minutes, but LED street lights can be turned on and off immediately without a warm-up time. Therefore, the LED street light can realize intelligent control, and the installed sensor can automatically adjust or automatically switch according to the ambient brightness. This is also one of the reasons why LED street lights are 60-80% more energy efficient than traditional street lights.

5.LED street light has low maintenance cost and high life. Generally, it can recover the full investment cost in less than 2 years.

6. led street light is more environmentally friendly, why use led street light is more environmentally friendly? The led itself does not contain lead, mercury, no pollution, no flicker, safety, environmental protection, and can solve the problems of mercury pollution in traditional lighting.

street led lighting

According to the requirements of global development, vigorously promoting LED street lighting not only solves important items of large amount of power consumption, but also protects the environment and promotes health. Become the best choice for sustainable development.

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