Why is it recommended to use LED lighting in the warehouse?

Dec. 28, 2019

In order to operate the warehouse efficiently and safely, proper lighting must be available. Many companies realize the huge consumption of lighting in the actual warehouse operation, so they consider replacing with the latest LED lighting. But why do warehouses recommend LED lighting? Which LED light is suitable for warehouse lighting?

led warehouse lighting

Proper lighting in the warehouse will improve work area visibility, eliminate employee occurrences, and increase worker motivation. When considering the technology and type of lighting for your warehouse, there are some key points you will consider when making your decision. Warehouse lighting is often overlooked in ways that reduce and glare. If you are using an older HID lamp, you need to install a protective cover around the lamp. This will reduce the lighting intensity. A more effective option is to use LED lighting. UFO LED High Bay Light is capable of shining clear white light without shadows, which will help eliminate glare. In addition, LED lighting can run at a lower operating temperature and have a longer life. Compared with fluorescent lamps, LED lamps have higher up-front costs, but they have a longer service life and can recover investment costs within two years.

warehouse ufo led high bay light

The warehouse is the main component of the industry's logistics system. Due to the increasing complexity of functions and the execution of multiple tasks in a huge space, such as logistics, packaging, labelling, order picking, transportation and reception, traditional lighting can no longer meet Gradually developed warehouse.

Why do warehouses recommend LED lighting?

Traditional lighting equipment (such as mercury vapor, high-pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps) are widely used in warehouse lighting due to their extremely high luminous flux. However, traditional lighting has some serious disadvantages, such as:

1. Excessive energy consumption, low color rendering and high light loss;

2. Easy to be damaged by shock and vibration;

3. Unable to select color temperature and dimming;

4. High power consumption, low life and low light efficiency;

UFO LED high bay lights are the most energy efficient option for warehouse lighting. They consume less energy than any other light source and emit a higher quality lumen output. They also have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, so you rarely have to spend manual labor on replacements and maintenance. Industrial warehouses are usually hot in summer, and traditional lamps may be affected by higher temperatures. Therefore, efficient heat dissipation is another advantage of UFO LED High Bay Light. Lighting is one of the largest energy expenditures in the warehouse, which can account for up to 60% of the electricity bill. To save energy, UFO led high bay lights can be equipped with intelligent control sensors: the lights are turned on only when people are within the detection range. Replacing it with UFO LED High Bay Light can reduce the proportion of electricity bill to 20%.

Not only that, there are more reasons to recommend LED lighting in warehouses.

1.Lower operating temperature

UFO LED high ceiling lights emit much less heat than traditional light sources. This is because most of the energy they use is converted to light, rather than wasted as heat. This means that the need for mechanical cooling is greatly reduced, resulting in significant cost savings.

2. Investment payback period may be relatively short

It depends on how long you use it. The longer you use it, the higher your return on investment. In fact, the payback period of LED lighting is usually within one year. After that, you can start making money!

3.Reduce maintenance costs

A common problem with traditional lighting fixtures is their ballast with a short service life. LEDs use drivers that convert AC power to DC power. These drivers usually have a long life. The life of UFO led high bay light can reach 50,000 hours.

4.Improve lighting quality with bright warehouse lighting

One of the specifications you need to pay attention to is CRI, which represents the quality of the light produced by the fixture. it is

A ratio between 0 and 100. LEDs have a higher CRI, so their quality is better than most traditional light sources. Although fluorescent lamps may also have high CRI, because these technologies are AC-powered, they can flicker, causing eye fatigue and dizziness. The LED does not flicker, which can improve the production environment.

5.Selectable color temperature

The control of UFO LED high bay lights can be purchased in different color temperature ranges, these color temperatures are in Kelvin. You can choose warm colors of 3000K and 6000K very close to natural light.

6.Control of light level

This brings us to a very important point, which is to be able to control the action of the personnel to control the lighting time, automatically dimming to 100% when someone passes, and dimming when no one passes.

7.LED eliminates warm-up time

In particular, the full power of metal halide lamps usually requires a warm-up time of 15-20 minutes, which is very inconvenient. That's why you see large area lighting turning on the lights before the sun completely disappears. The lamp must be warmed up for 20-25 minutes before it is really needed. This means they need to turn on the lights earlier and start consuming energy. LED Lighting does not require warm-up time and can be turned on and off immediately, which is very convenient and saves time.

warehouse led lighting

Switching to UFO LED high bay lights will save your warehouse or workshop lighting costs, and high-quality light can improve work efficiency, so investing in UFO LED High Bay Light is the best choice for modern warehouses!

LED lighting provides the best lighting solution for warehouses looking to save energy and maintenance costs. Today, most warehouses can save money through refurbishment. We can help! We will spend enough time to get to know your current lighting solution and develop a plan to transform your warehouse with the best lighting solution. Our LED warehouse lighting solution is designed to maximize light output while minimizing energy consumption.

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