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Jul. 07, 2020

LED lighting replaces traditional lighting systems. LED lighting has a very long life and consumes very little power. If you care about the cost of long-term operation, LED lighting is definitely the best choice. The extremely low maintenance cost of LED lamps and the high energy efficiency of 150-170LM/W cannot be achieved by traditional lamps.

led flood light for crane

In addition, the color temperature of LED lighting is very flexible, you can freely choose the desired warm yellow light, white light and blue light. With the development of LED lighting technology, the scope of LED lighting technology continues to expand, and customers can now easily understand and use them. In the past, most tower cranes used halogen lamps/high-pressure sodium lamps, but since the advent of LED crane lamps, the situation has changed. LEDs have more efficient and uniform lighting, and most importantly, they can save a lot of energy, and The instant start function without preheating is required, so the crane lighting abandons the use of traditional lamps and uses LED crane lights.

led crane lighting

Crane light is one of the most commonly used lights in industrial lighting. In the construction site, the LED crane lamp is in a dusty and harsh environment. In order to prevent the rust and damage of the bulb, the lamp needs to be certified for waterproof and corrosion tests.

In addition, the LED lighting used for the crane provides you with great flexibility, providing the best lighting function that no other lighting system can provide. The lighting has a variety of designs and light distributions, which can match your site style and work needs, thereby reducing energy consumption and improving efficiency. If you choose LED lighting for the crane, then night lighting will make the work very smooth.

LED crane lights are an important source for illuminating industrial work areas. These lamps are cost-effective and have several times longer service life than older traditional bulbs (metal halide and HID) and other lamps. They usually last more than 50,000 hours, and the heat and pollution generated is very small.

led crane lighting application

Advantages of LED Lighting for Crane

1.Good heat dissipation

Excessive heat does reduce the life and brightness of tower crane lights. Therefore, better heat dissipation is required for LED tower crane lights;

2. Durability

This is because the LED tower crane floodlight installed on the construction site or in the harbour is in a harsh environment, such as a dusty area. In order to prevent the lamps from rusting and damaging, this should be considered in the design. In order to withstand common severe weather conditions, waterproof and corrosion test certifications are required;

led crane lighting application

3.High efficiency 

Higher efficiency can not only save energy consumption, but LED tower crane lighting can replace high-power lamps with halogen lamps with low power, and achieve higher quality lighting effects. Our 720W LED tower crane can replace the halogen lamp of 1600W-1800W;

4. Lightweight

Lighter weight can reduce the difficulty of installation and reduce safety risks;

5. Working life

The service life of crane LED lighting fixtures is much longer than traditional fixtures. They have been providing lighting for more than 10 years, which means they can last about 50,000 hours. In the long run, this saves a lot of manpower and the cost of replacing lamps;


Passed TUV, CE, SAA, CB, LM79, LM80, LSTMT, LCP, ETL, cETL, DLC, CB, Salt Spray test certification;

If you are considering using LED lighting for your industrial area, contact us. We will analyze and recommend the best lighting equipment and the most suitable lighting design for you.

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