How to Choose the Best LED Lighting solutions for outdoor area?

Jul. 07, 2020

If you want to go out at night, work or play outdoors, in order to obtain the ideal vision, and better public safety, beautiful city landscape, outdoor area lighting is very important. In modern times, it is already very common to replace traditional lamps with professional LED lighting, because it can save a lot of energy and has many other advantages.

When replacing old lamps or installing new projects, high-quality outdoor area LED lighting solutions determine the best visual experience and safety for use.

There are many outdoor lighting scenes, such as:

Landscape lighting includes building exterior wall lighting, park road landscape;

Large area lighting scenes include stadiums, squares, parking lots, seaports, and airports;

Street lighting includes highways, streets, roads and paths;

Here are a few real cases of our company.

1.Sports Field area Lighting

Stadium LED lighting is essential for increasing safety and comfort, reducing energy consumption, and achieving the most satisfying sporting events. Illumination level, uniformity, glare value, etc. are the key to lighting design. Only need to know the position of the customer's lamp post, installation height and installation method, and then can perform lighting simulation to get the best lighting result.

In order to obtain the best uniformity and illuminance for your sports scene, our professional light distribution angle is 10/ 20/ 40/ 60/ 90 degree/ P50-P8/ P50/ TypeIV optional;

stadium led area lighting solutions

football court led lighting

2.Roadway LED Lighting

Roadway LED lighting needs to be based on local government regulations. According to traffic conditions and safety considerations, the illuminance is usually around 30lx, The light distribution usually has Type 2M, Type 3M, Type 2, Type 3;

roadway led area lighting solutions

roadway led area lighting

3. Parking Lot LED Lighting

Parking lot LED lighting is used for parking lots. Normally, high brightness is not required, but for business activities that use cars as products, high brightness of up to 100lx helps to attract customers from far away. For ordinary parking lot LED lighting, you only need to consider the type of light distribution, the position of the pole in the venue, glare, etc;

parking lot led area lighting solutions

parking lot led area lighting

In order to obtain the most ideal LED lighting fixture and obtain a satisfactory lighting effect, several factors must be considered:

1. Need to know the site length, width, pole position, height, installation method, etc;

2. Understand the required illumination of the venue. You can always discuss your needs with the staff of Lampshining, we have professionals to help you solve the problem;

3. Professional simulation. Before purchasing and installing LED lights, this is the most convenient and intuitive way to check theoretical lighting for optimal uniformity and illuminance;

4. Understand the working voltage of the lamp. The most common voltage is 100-277V AC, or 24Vdc, 480Vac, etc;

5. Find the right beam angle for the application. While meeting the lighting purpose, reduce the loss of light and save more energy;

6. Please choose high quality and easy to maintain products. This directly affects the service life and subsequent maintenance costs;

To obtain the best outdoor area LED lighting requires professional advice. At any time, you can use Lampshining as a reliable partner for outdoor lighting. Please feel free to contact us to learn about high-quality outdoor LED lighting fixtures and professional LED lighting solutions.

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