LED lighting knowledge, what is the IP rating? What is the level of LED lamps?

Sep. 26, 2020

When buying LED lamps, they will look at the appearance, parameters, and actual working conditions of the products. When looking at the parameters, there will be an IP rating. For example, our LED Pole Barn Lighting, the parameter of this lamp is IP65, and LED street light The parameter display of light is IP66, so what does this IP level mean?

IP is a code used internationally to identify the level of protection. IP rating consists of two numbers. The first number represents the degree of dust protection. The second number indicates the degree of water resistance. It larger the number, the better.

Dust level.

The meaning of the number.

0 means no protection, no special protection.

1 means that objects larger than 50 mm are prevented from entering. Prevent accidental contact with the inside of the lamp.

2 means to prevent the object from entering more than 12mm, preventing the finger from touching the inside of the lamp.

3 means to prevent entry from objects larger than 2.5 mm.

4 means to prevent intrusion of objects exceeding 1.0 mm.

5 indicates that dust prevention cannot completely prevent dust from entering, but the amount of dust entering does not affect the normal operation of the electrical system.

6 indicates dust prevention and prevents dust from entering.

led street light dust proof.jpg

Waterproof level.

The number indicates the meaning.

0 means no protection, no special protection.

1 means to prevent dripping intrusion and prevent water droplets from dripping vertically.

2 means that when you tilt 15 degrees, you can still prevent dripping intrusion.

3 means to prevent water from entering and prevent rain.

4 means to prevent splashing of water and prevent splashing water.

5 means to prevent water intrusion from large waves and prevent water from invading from large waves or water jets.

6 means to prevent water from entering the water and to ensure the normal operation of the lamp under a certain time or water pressure.

7 indicates that the lamp is operating normally under a certain water pressure.

8 means completely waterproof.

LED Barn Lighting fixtures waterproof.jpg

After the above explanation, you should know what the IP rating means, and our outdoor LED lamps are good for both dust proof and waterproof, and are widely used in many applications.

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