LED street lights – Let there be light safely and efficiently

What street lights you install can have a big impact on pedestrians, drivers and the environment. Those that put out too few lumens may fail to illuminate areas adequately, while fixtures that emit blinding glares may jeopardize someone’s well-being. Now that you’re ready to choose LED street lamps that tick all the boxes, here's what Lampshining has for you.

Designed for all things safety and efficiency, our street lights provide just the amount of brightness you need to illuminate roadways, highways, park walkways, running paths, etc. They are upgraded with output control features and advanced LED technology to emit light for thousands of hours using less energy than other lamps.

If you think such high-performing LED street lights may work for your municipality or industrial site, check out our Saturn, Module, Mars, Venus and Pluto series. These fixtures are the best alternatives to sodium and other outdated luminaires.

What to look at when deciding on LED street light bulbs?

Our street lights are many. To choose the right fixtures, consider:

● The square footage of the area to be lit. Our street light series include fixtures with up to 180LM/W and 300W in their efficiency and output characteristics. Knowing how large the area to be lit is can help you avoid underperforming luminaires;

● Light distribution. Most of our outdoor LED street lights are designed for Type II and Type III distribution. They can be used to safely illuminate small and large areas as roadside or walkway fixtures;

● Local lighting guidelines. At Lampshining, we manufacture our LED lights for street illumination standards. They carry many certifications to meet your lighting guidelines, including CE, CB, IECEE, ENEC, RoHS, TUV and more;

● Installation requirements. Are you looking for lights to be installed vertically or horizontally? We have fixtures for both configurations. Plus, we have street lights that are pole-ready straight out of the box;

● Durability. You can find IP and IK ratings next to all our street lights. We ensure that our fixtures survive water effects, dust and physical impacts starting from the design stage. Also, we use LEDs that can put out lumens for 50,000 hours and are protected with a 5-year warranty;

● Maintenance. With our outdoor LED street lights, the maintenance routine gets much easier. The self-cleaning designs of our fixtures keep dust and debris at bay so that you don’t have to remove them manually. This also contributes to improved heat dissipation without human intervention.

Slash the costs with low-energy street lights

By merely installing Lampshining street lights instead of sodium lamps, you can halve the cost of illuminating low-visibility areas. This move can free up your community's budget and contribute to the planet's health. What's more, energy savings apply to all our fixtures, from the Saturn to Module series.

Are you worried about the cost of switching to low-energy fixtures? Wait until you have Lampshining LED street light prices at your fingertips. They are so low you'll likely want to throw those old sodium lamps away in a nanosecond!

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