What are the advantages of LED lighting in industry?

Sep. 26, 2020

LEDs are being used extensively, from kitchen bathrooms to skyscrapers and city streets.

LED lighting has a wide range of applications in the industry, requiring different lighting depending on the space.

1. In the warehouse and distribution area. These spaces require multiple light distribution luminaires to evenly illuminate a large, versatile area while providing good vertical chandeliers on high shelf aisles.

2. At the manufacturing plant. These spaces require stable and safe LED lights to improve visibility and safety, and minimize maintenance; and manufacturing plants need durable fixtures to withstand more complex and harsh environments.

3. Food processing and cold storage rooms. These spaces must meet stringent regulatory requirements, and the luminaires must be airtight, moisture resistant, and provide maximum light output.

LED luminaires can meet these standards, providing higher quality lighting and higher aesthetics. Traditional luminaires consume a lot of energy and the lighting is not too bright. LEDs are the best choice.

LED Linear High Bay Light application.jpg

What are the advantages of LEDs for industrial lighting?

1. Reduce energy costs. LEDs consume less energy than HID lamps. Most industrial facilities have large spaces and high ceilings, while traditional lamps have a high wattage to meet the high lumen output required. But now, high-efficiency LED lights can provide the required illumination with less than half the energy of traditional lighting.

2. Reduce maintenance costs. LEDs now offer several times more life than traditional lighting, which reduces the maintenance costs associated with replacing lamps and creates a safer, brighter environment.

3. The lighting is controllable. Unlike HID and other technologies, LEDs are inherently compatible with control, enabling greater energy savings through light sensing.

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What should I pay attention to before the factory decides to use LED lighting?

1. Check the shape and lumens of the lighting fixtures currently in use. Install LED luminaires similar in shape to previous luminaires to reduce installation time.

2. The number of lumens is less. Compared with traditional lamps, LED lamps have higher optical performance. In applications, some fixtures require fewer lumens than existing fixtures to achieve the desired level of light.

3. Understand the regulations. When replacing traditional luminaires, local regulations may require energy savings and increased lighting control.

Hurricane ufo led high bay light application.jpg

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