LED lighting role in the stadium

Sep. 26, 2020

Modern people's living standards, from housing to diet, are very quality-oriented. Compared to the previous TV sets, the TV pictures we see now are very clear, just like on-site, except for photographers.LED lighting, It is a factor in determining the quality of a TV screen.

For professional football matches, football and football field lighting is essential. As the country encourages the development of green lighting, the future football field lighting products will be based on high-efficiency and energy-saving LED products, and traditional halogen lamps will gradually be eliminated by the market; the future football field lighting applications tend to be commercialized, which requires football fields. Beautiful lighting. Higher requirements for view and personalization also mean higher requirements for the design of various lighting products and lighting solutions.

LED Football field light.jpg

In the next few years, the focus of football field lighting development will focus on the construction of small and medium-sized football stadium lighting and multi-purpose sports venues. The development of football venue lighting tends to be commercialized, based primarily on comprehensive competition and commercial applications. In general, the football field lighting industry has broad prospects for development.

Football field lighting not only requires the overall aesthetics of lighting, but also requires different venues for lighting in different areas. It requires strict parameters, diversity and overall appearance of lighting products, requires certain product development strength and has a development and professional lighting design team. This requires companies to have more products. Sampling and lighting design has a good foundation. The LED light manufactured by our company lampshining meet the different characteristics of the lighting of various stadiums, thus meeting the needs of football field lighting!

For the choice of football field lighting, the demand for football field lighting products should be considered from the following perspectives.

(1) High-powered LED lighting should be used for the lighting of the stadium.

(2) Low-power LED lights should be used for indoor football fields with lower top and smaller areas.

(3) High-power and medium-power LED lights should be used for outdoor football fields;

(4) Emergency lighting should use LED lights that can be activated instantly and with reliable light sources.

(5) The light source should have suitable color temperature, good color rendering, high luminous efficiency, long life and stable ignition and photoelectric properties.

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