LED vs HPS street lights

Sep. 26, 2020

LED vs HPS street lights

At night, looking out of the window of the aircraft, most of the cities below the plane have orange light.

This orange light is mainly the light from the high pressure sodium lights.

However, with the development of road lighting, LED street lights with longer life and better illumination have gradually replaced high-pressure sodium lights, and a lot of places have already begun.

It is estimated that the total number of street lights in the United States is between 45 and 55 million. Among them, most street lights are high-pressure sodium lights, and a small portion is metal halide lights.

Now, with the use of LED lights, the quality of the light has been significantly improved, and the cost savings are also high.

LED street lights have three advantages over other street lights when used:

1. Well-designed LED street lights emit clear light. Controllable and beautiful. The precisely designed optics in the LED luminaire ensure that the light illuminates where it belongs, which means that the light source is no longer wasted.

2. LED lights have lower maintenance costs and consume less energy. Using LEDs can reduce energy consumption by about 40%. At the same time, more important savings and maintenance are more convenient.

Due to the reduced lumen output of the high pressure sodium lights, the high pressure sodium lights must be replaced at least every five years. Material and labor costs for a single bulb replacement can range from $80 to $200. Since the life of LED luminaires is three to four times longer than HID, the cost of a single maintenance can be very high.

3. Decorative LED street lights are growing. As technology improves and manufacturing costs decrease, LED lighting manufacturers can offer a wider range of decorative lighting options, which is aesthetically pleasing.

A few years ago, LED luminaires only accounted for a small portion of the road lighting market. The high cost of LEDs makes it difficult for most towns to convert compared to HID lights. But today, with the advancement of LED lighting technology and the decline in prices, the pace of LED adoption is accelerating. In the future, road lighting will be fully covered by LEDs.

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