How to solve the problem of light decay caused by heat dissipation of LED street lamps?

Sep. 26, 2020

How to solve the problem of light decay caused by heat dissipation of LED street lamps?

LED light decay means that after a period of illumination of the LED, its light intensity will be lower than the original light intensity, and the lower part is the light decay of the LED.

The company continues to invest in the development of LED light source technology, but the level of technology continues to improve, and the light efficiency has grown from 60 lm / W to 100 lm / W to 130 lm / W.

The quality and effect of LED street lights are constantly developing.

How to solve the problem of light decay caused by heat dissipation of LED street lamps?

The key problem of LED road lighting is temperature, and LED street lights are usually lost in this link.

Because LED lighting is more powerful than household lamps, manufacturers have painstakingly designed the heat sink substrate fins and heat dissipation modules.

After assembly, it needs to be outside the heat dissipation module of the lamp, and it is protected by paint to prevent weather erosion. Unexpectedly, this externally protected spray paint sealed the heat of the heat-dissipating module.

The poor heat dissipation causes the LED road to light down. The paint protection cost is lower, and the protection effect is good, but the general paint has no heat dissipation function, and the paint body itself forms a barrier function.

It is equal to increase the thermal impedance of the LED street light radiator, which not only does not help, but because the heat energy is blocked in the heat sink, the LED light power is reduced.

Finally, it leads to severe light decay. The following is an analysis of how to minimize LED road light failure.

To solve these existing problems, it is recommended that streetlight manufacturers start from the basic materials and solve the problem of high-power LED heat sources from the inside out.

For example, when the light-emitting component is bonded to the aluminum substrate, the thermal conductive adhesive plays a key role. Some manufacturers think that the thermal conductivity film or the thermal conductive rubber pad has a good thermal conductivity.

The thicker the film, the better, but I don't think about the thermal resistance. The thermal conductivity is good, and the thermal resistance of the film thickness is useless. Moreover, thermal conductive film or soft thermal pad,

It does not really fit into the substrate, and there are actually many voids in the bonding surface. These pores are viewed under an electron microscope, like a hollow cavitation, another form of thermal resistance. In the presence of so many thermal resistances that interfere with heat transfer, the efficiency of heat and heat transfer is virtually reduced.

Let the thermal energy of LED lamps be quickly transmitted out, in line with RoHS environmental protection safety regulations, is an important indicator of LED street lamps nowadays, the construction procedure is simple and does not require any special tools, and the high temperature of LEDs will not have quality problems for a long time.

LED street lights, landscape lights, or LED advertising billboards used outdoors will also face acid and alkali damage caused by wind and rain, acid rain, bird droppings, air dust, and black smoke.

Therefore, LED street lamps must have the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, which can effectively protect the appearance of LED outdoor lamps from being eroded.

How to solve the problem of light decay caused by heat dissipation of LED street lamps?

High-power LED lighting products are available in a variety of specifications, mainly as an energy-saving alternative to traditional metal halide lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps and other lighting sources.

Currently in the market introduction period. It is expected that with the advancement and popularization of heat dissipation technology and the explosion of the high-power LED lighting market,

Enterprises entering the field of high-power LED lighting and cooling will increase, and the competition will become increasingly fierce.

How to solve the problem of light decay caused by heat dissipation of LED street lamps?

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