Cautions and main application scope of LED High Bay Light

Sep. 26, 2020

Cautions and main application scope of LED High Bay Light

A good high-power industrial and mining lamp should have a good heart. The heart of the LED High Bay Light is the chip. The quality of the chip depends directly on the luminous flux of the LED High Bay Light, the speed of light decay and so on. Secondly, heat dissipation, poor selection of heat dissipation aluminum material, because of the high temperature, will cause the LED High Bay Light life reduction, serious may burn out the power drive.

There is also the power supply, the power drive depends on whether the LED High Bay Light can work properly, as well as the working efficiency and life-span. In addition to the above points of attention, there are many other matters to be noted, color coordination, to avoid the purchase of high-power industrial and mining lamps glare, soft light, uniform brightness, effectively avoid long-term exposure to the construction personnel under eye fatigue.

The poor choice of aluminum material for heat dissipation of industrial and mining lamps will reduce the life of LED High Bay Light due to excessive temperature, and seriously may burn out the power drive. The mechanism of lamps and lanterns should be made of high strength alloy shell. Such lamps and lanterns can resist strong collision or collision and ensure the safety of life.

High-power industrial and mining lamps adopt integrated heat dissipation technology, which has high stability, high reliability and high thermal conductivity. In terms of safety, the integrated design of heat dissipation and heat conduction for high-power industrial and mining lamps reduces the risk of falling off, corrosion and leakage. The working chamber presents a negative pressure state and reduces the risk of expansion. In terms of energy saving, it directly uses high-power LED lighting heat dissipation instead of traditional air-cooling and water-cooling, avoiding secondary energy consumption; in terms of environmental protection, its manufacturing process and use process do not have toxic and harmful substances emissions.

See here I believe that you also understand the importance of other components of LED High Bay Light, and want to buy LED lights can be used for a long time, when selecting LED lights, we also need to pay attention.

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