2022 Outdoor Billboard LED Lighting - Energy saving LED Sign Lights

Jan. 03, 2020

For the current outdoor sign lighting and billboard LED lighting, we have developed the latest LED billboard lighting fixtures according to the market environment and customer needs. There are several main features: 1. The illumination angle is higher. 2. The light is even. 3. High efficiency and high color rendering. 4. Directional light does not waste the light source. 5. Energy saving 6. Longevity 7. Lightweight

outdoor billboard led lighting fixtures

In recent years, with the increasing demand for outdoor buildings for nighttime lighting, more and more LED floodlights have been used in outdoor billboard lighting projects, and such LED billboard floodlights are energy-efficient. The effect of the LED is the source of illumination, which has become the primary choice for people.

In 2022, most outdoor billboard lighting still uses high-power high-pressure sodium lamps, and the power consumption is very large. The annual electricity cost accounts for more than 70% of the total investment. If you use Energy saving LED billboard Lights, you can solve this problem and be green and low-carbon.

outdoor billboard lighting fixtures

Outdoor advertising is now the choice of many businesses. In order to achieve better results, outdoor billboards are installed with LED billboards for illumination, so that even at night, it can be used for publicity. However, when installing the luminaire, it must be reasonable, according to the environment to adjust, to achieve the effect without affecting the people who drive.

The location of outdoor billboards is where there is a lot of traffic. The first thing to consider when using lighting is whether it will affect the passing vehicles. Unreasonable lighting selection and installation will illuminate the billboards and illuminate the road and the passing vehicles and pedestrians. There are certain risk factors at this time. In this state, it is easy to cause a traffic accident.

When installing LED Flood lamps, the light is best illuminated from the bottom to the top, and the lights cannot be reflected. If it is easy to glare from the top to the bottom, then when using LED lamps, choose a luminaire that can adjust the angle and has anti-glare function can solve this problem.

billboard led lighting

Why choose our LED billboard projection lamp? What are the advantages?

billboard led lighting fixtures with dusk to dawn sensor

1. Using philips Lumileds 5050 chip, patented lens technology, distributed illumination, dual drive, high efficiency and high energy saving, 300W LED billboard light can completely replace 600W high pressure sodium lamp and metal halide billboard lamp;

2. Using high heat dissipation material, lightweight and ultra-thin design, and has a long life of 5 years, it is very convenient and efficient to replace or install;

3. Replaced with our LED billboard lights, the energy consumption is reduced by 60-80% compared to the use of traditional lamps;

4. Configurable dusk to dawn light battery sensor, let LED lights automatically turn on at dusk, automatically turn off at dawn, more effectively solve the energy consumption problem;

5. The bracket can be rotated and can be adjusted to the optimal lighting position during installation;

6. High color rendering, make your billboards as real as the sun shines during the day;

7. IP66 waterproof can protect the lamp from being affected in harsh environments;

8. Anti-glare design, we have professionals to design your billboard LED lighting, and make DIAlux lighting simulation for you free of charge, choose the best lighting angle according to different environments and Lighting;

Since the launch of LED outdoor lighting products (street lights, billboard lights, high pole lights, flood lights, etc.) in 2010, Lampshining has continuously increased the development of LED lighting products, and has formed a series of products in LED lamp products. line. At the same time, it can give corresponding lighting solutions. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating high-power LED outdoor lighting and intelligent product development, production and sales. Welcome to consult.

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