Which lamps can be used for outdoor large area lighting?

Sep. 11, 2020

outdoor larea area lighting

No matter what area it is, outdoor lighting is indispensable at night to ensure night work and action. With proper lighting, accidents can be reduced by 50%.

Therefore, this guide is aimed at large-scale outdoor lighting and will help you understand the requirements of outdoor large-scale area lighting and the available lamps.

Why Proper Lighting Is Required for outdoor area?

Outdoor area lighting is very important in many different fields. Traffic areas such as central squares and streets are illuminated by outdoor lighting equipment. In industrial areas, factories, seaports and other areas also rely on outdoor lighting to ensure work and enhance safety and stability.

What are the requirements for illuminance and color temperature in outdoor areas?

This is usually related to local regional standards. The illuminance of urban lighting is usually 150-500 lux, and the illuminance of sports venues is usually 150-750 lux according to training or competition.

The illuminance of the industrial area needs to consider the fineness of the work, usually 200-1000lux. If you want to know the required illuminance of your venue in detail, you can contact us to learn more

If LED lighting is used, then the color temperature can be customized, usually 3000-6500K.

The specific differences are as follows:

3000K warm yellow light makes people feel warm.

Color temperatures above 3500K are considered cool white. This is the beginning of a lower color temperature.

4000K-4500K is cooler natural light.

5000K-6500K is usually considered daylight, which is where we begin to see extremely cool colors. Temperatures above 6500 begin to enter the blue spectrum.

outdoor area lighting

Which lamps can I choose for outdoor Large Area lighting?

In 2020, LED lighting has covered most areas of lighting because of its high efficiency, long life, intelligent energy saving and other characteristics.Outdoor lighting fixtures can be selected: 1. LED street light 2. LED shoe box light 3. LED flood light 4. LED high pole light. However, only LED high pole lights can be used in large area lighting, and other lighting fixtures have insufficient power. Therefore, we only introduce a few products for LED outdoor area high pole lights.

LED high pole lights are usually used on poles above 15 meters, mainly used in urban squares, stations, docks, freight yards, highways, stadiums, and overpasses.

Here are some of our outdoor LED lighting products.

1.Dragonfly LED High Mast Light

Power: 240W-1800W

Efficiency: 155-165Lm/W.

Main features: Each module can be equipped with different lenses, and can be freely rotated up, down, left and right. It is easier to obtain high uniform illumination. 

Dragonfly LED High Mast Light

led high mast light

2.Dragonfly Plus LED High Mast Light

Power: 240W-1800W

Efficiency: 155-165Lm/W.

Main features: The module can be rotated up and down. Modules can be packaged separately, making it easier to transport and assemble according to requirements.

Dragonfly Plus LED High Mast Light

3.Ultra LED High Mast Light

Power: 480W-1800W

Efficiency: 180-190Lm/W.

Main features: 480W and 600W single module, simple structure, easier to assemble, ultra-high efficiency 190LM/W!

Ultra Slim LED High Mast Light

If you are interested, please Contact us. You only need to provide relevant information. Our engineers will conduct professional venue lighting simulation design for your venue.

dialux simulation

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