How to correctly choose the light efficiency and color temperature of LED street lamps?

Sep. 09, 2020

The development of the city requires continuous development of roads, and the construction of roads is inseparable from street lights. In 2019, many urban road constructions have used a large number of high-quality energy-saving LED Street Lights. But many people think that the color of LED street lights is white, which is not true. LED street lights can choose to emit different colors of light, 5000K white light, 3000K warm yellow light, which involves the problem of color temperature selection of LED street lights. Under the same power conditions, the street lights have high brightness and some have low brightness. What is the reason? This involves the problem of the efficacy of LED street lights. In the face of these problems, how do we properly match the light efficiency and color temperature of LED street lights?

street led lighting

1. Color temperature selection

Color temperature diagram

Here are some common examples of color temperature for light sources:

1700 K: Match light

1850 K: Candle

2800 K: common color temperature of incandescent lamps

3000 K: common color temperature of halogen lamps

3400 K: studio table lamp

4100 K: Moonlight, light yellow fluorescent lamp

5000 K: daylight

5500 K: average daylight, electronic flash

5770 K: Effective solar temperature

6420 K: Xenon arc lamp

6500 K: The most common white light color temperature

Take our Lampshining LED street light as an example. The color temperature you can choose is 3000K-5700K. So how do you choose? 1. Personal preference; 2. Consider environmental issues, the choice of color temperature should consider the local weather environment. For example, in some areas, there are more rainy days, so this area needs LED street lights to emit light with better penetrating power, while the normal white light penetration of 5000K~6000K is relatively poor, it is more suitable for using 3000K with strong penetrating power. The warm yellow light of ~3500K color temperature is therefore combined with the local weather and environment in the installation area.

led street lighting fixuters

led street lighting

2. Choice of light effect

The quality of light is mainly determined by the number of LED chip lumens. The higher the lumen count, the better the light efficiency of the LED street light, and vice versa. At present, the LED lumens of each brand are different. Matching different chips will result in different LED street lights. Our Lampshining LED street light uses high quality Philips LED chip, the lighting efficiency can be as high as 130-150LM/W. So you can not choose the power to choose when you choose, high efficiency LED lamp 40W can replace 100W metal halide Lights.

led roadway lighting

Reasonable combination of LED light and color temperature can achieve the best lighting, customers can contact us with their actual situation and needs, our professional technicians will match you with reasonable light efficiency and color temperature, and provide you with free The dialux environment simulates lighting. Guaranteed that each customer can get the best lighting experience, 5 years of shelf life, 10 years of manufacturing experience. Customers no longer have to worry about product quality and after-sales service.

LED street lighting dialux simulation

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