Why Replace Traditional Lighting with LED Retrofit Kits?

Nov. 23, 2019

LED lighting has changed the way lighting is used in most areas. LED lights can not only save 60-80% energy compared to halogen lamps or high-pressure sodium lamps, but also have a life expectancy several times. LED lighting can usually reach a life of more than 50,000 hours. LEDs also have higher color rendering to reduce unwanted lighting shadows, resulting in higher quality light. But replacing the entire venue with lighting is expensive, and many customers are hesitant to invest. Obviously, if you invest a lot of money in LED lighting, you can also get a return on investment by saving energy and long life of LEDs, usually within two years. However, the initial cost is very large, especially when some old venues are refurbished, the cost of labor and lighting is a big investment. So is there a way to get LED lighting and reduce initial costs? The answer is yes, the cheapest way to upgrade lighting is to use the LED Retrofit Kit. There is no need to replace the original lighting fixtures, and the LED retrofit kit lights are as easy to install into new construction projects as any other type of lighting technology. It can be used normally only by simple screw-in installation in existing lighting equipment. This is the simplest and most effective LED lighting solution.

led retrofit kit for cobra head light

The first choice lets us understand why LED lighting is the best choice for refurbishment. The main points are as follows:

1. Improve energy efficiency

LED lighting has high light efficiency and energy utilization, and greatly reduces energy costs in the operation process. Replacing traditional lighting with an LED lighting solution will save 60-80% in energy consumption.

2. Lower calorific value

Incandescent lamps consume most of the energy by generating heat. LED luminaires generate less heat, which is a great help in reducing energy consumption and cooling.

3. Maintenance free

LED lamps have many times the service life of conventional lamps and can usually reach more than 50,000 hours. And no additional maintenance is required, just pay attention to cleaning the fixtures. This also saves a lot of labor costs.

4. Environmental protection

LED lighting materials are environmentally friendly, do not produce harmful substances, contain no mercury, no ultraviolet rays. Traditional lamps produce harmful substances that are not good for the human body and the environment.

5. Directional lighting

Unlike other types of illumination, the illumination of the LEDs is directional, which allows the light to be fully utilized at the location where illumination is required without the need for a reflector. This is the best level of light source utilization. Get high quality LED lighting. Conventional luminaires that use reflectors typically waste 20-30% of the light. This is also the reason why LED lighting can recover the investment cost in a short time.

6. Turn on and off in time

If you are using a metal halide lamp or a high pressure sodium lamp, you can't avoid the 5-10 minute warm-up time when you turn it on. If it is turned off midway, it still needs to be warmed up when it is turned on again. LED lighting technology has the feature of turning on and off in time, enabling instant start-up when turned on, without waiting and getting 100% illumination.

What is an LED retrofit kit?

led retrofit kit for shoebox light and wall pack light

Traditional lighting fixtures consist of a housing and an internal bulb that allows the traditional bulb to be installed, dissipates heat, and a fixed point for connecting the fixture to the desired location. There are usually E40, E39, E27, E26 bases, and the LED retrofit kit only needs to be installed on these bases, and the power supply can work normally.

LED lighting technology makes lighting lighter and more efficient than traditional luminaires. The use of LED lighting retrofit kits allows you to upgrade to LED lighting immediately without having to bear the cost of replacing all lighting fixtures. The replacement process is very simple, so you can save labor costs.

What are the advantages of the LED retrofit kit?

1. Keep existing lighting arrangements and angles

Since most of the space is already equipped with traditional metal halide or high-pressure sodium lamps, it is a huge cost if you need to replace it with LED lighting and replace the entire lamp. Customers are not sure that the value is not worth it. The easiest way to solve this problem is to use the LED retrofit kit, which makes the process of switching to LED technology easy and does not require much labor. You can retain all the advantages of existing fixtures, such as fixture layout and lighting angle. It also captures the low-cost operational benefits of the best LED lighting technology.

2. Save upfront costs

Although most contractors understand that the large cost of LED pre-payment will recover the return on investment within one or two years. However, the initial cost is not acceptable to many customers. The LED retrofit kit is cheaper than buying a full lamp. And very lightweight, it can save transportation costs. A simpler installation saves labor costs. Most importantly, you can still enjoy the convenience of LED lighting.

3. Longevity and durability

Like other LED lighting technologies, the LED retrofit kit can achieve 50,000 hours of life, requires virtually no maintenance, and a highly efficient thermal design makes the luminaire more durable.

4. High quality lighting

LED lighting provides illumination with a color rendering index greater than 70. And you can choose the color temperature of 2700-6500K, you can choose 5000K close to natural light. Not only that, but you can also directly feel the timely opening and closing of the LED lights after replacement.

5. Security certification

Take our Lampshining LED retrofit kit as an example. Our luminaires have passed the ETL cETL DLC CE RoHS certification, which is safer and more secure.

6. Rotatable design

The rotatable design allows the LED retrofit kit to accommodate most luminaire housings such as high bay light, low bay light, linear bay light, canopy, post top light, street light...

7. Reduce waste

Since the existing fixtures do not need to be replaced, the waste during installation is reduced. Reduce the size of the discarded lamp housing.

led retrofit kit

Perhaps you would think that the LED retrofit kit has fewer advantages than a complete replacement of the entire lamp. Our 100W LED retrofit kits are 144LM/W highly efficient and come with a 5-year warranty. The replacement of the whole lamp is usually due to other needs for the outer casing, such as the need for a rotation or a more beautiful appearance, or perhaps a new project.

Find a suitable LED retrofit kit manufacturer

There are many similar LED retrofit kits on the market. It is very important to choose an experienced LED manufacturer, which will make you less detours. Our Lampshining has 10 years of experience in lighting manufacturing, with strict quality control and multiple series of lighting products. If you are looking for LED lighting solutions and need help in finding the lighting products you need, please contact us, we will To provide you with the best service.

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