Why do stadiums need to choose anti-glare LED lighting?

Jun. 17, 2020

Why do stadiums need to choose anti-glare LED lighting? In the case of strong light, if you can not achieve anti-glare and high quality, then sports enthusiasts may be very stressed, not only will affect their performance, and make people feel uncomfortable.

sports dazzle lighting

1. What is glare?

Glare refers to visual discomfort and reduced visibility to objects due to improper illumination angle and uneven illumination distribution. When the human eye faces glare, it may cause disgust and discomfort.

2.The effect of dazzle on athletes

If you have stayed in a sports venue that is not anti-glare using metal halide lamps, then you must have experienced all kinds of discomfort caused by glare. The high color temperature and high energy glare not only cause discomfort to the athlete's eyes. Even if it leaves the glare range, it will still produce a short-term vision blurring phenomenon.

When the stadium's lighting produces glare, athletes tend to feel dazzling when they are in motion, they can't clearly see the ball flying in the air, and they can't react correctly to the ball's trajectory.

Therefore, no matter whether it is a professional stadium or an amateur stadium, anti-glare lighting solutions have been adopted to avoid the lighting problems caused by glare.

What is anti-glare lighting? 

Among the anti-glare lighting solutions, the most important is anti-glare lighting fixtures, which play an important role in helping athletes move in an ideal lighting environment. This is a professional light distribution technology with stable lighting performance. And, in addition to performance, anti-glare LED lighting is more energy-efficient and more suitable for photography and photographing sports scenes.

sports anti glare led lighting

After careful inspection, design and manufacturing, we can provide glare reduction and provide balanced and comfortable lighting on the court. And has adjustable illuminance and professional anti-glare light distribution.

This can reduce stadium lighting operating costs by up to 75% and also provide stable and uniform anti-glare lighting performance.

In addition to anti-glare lighting for athletes, it is also necessary to consider the situation when there is an audience. The configuration of excellent anti-glare high-brightness lighting can not only satisfy the enthusiasm of sportsmen, but also improve the user experience. And the audience will feel more comfortable watching, the game is more exciting. The stadium invests the cost in anti-glare lighting to save energy in the future, and usually pays back the investment within two years. We are an outdoor LED lamp manufacturer with ten years of manufacturing experience. If you want to know more, please seek the professional advice of our engineers to learn more about anti-glare LED lighting.

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