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May. 30, 2020

The construction of large buildings requires the use of a lot of heavy materials, transportation becomes very difficult, and it takes a lot of time to rely on manpower. In this case, the use of cranes can speed up the transportation and lifting process, tower cranes are mainly used in the construction of high-rise buildings.

When operating at night, for safety and efficiency, the lighting of night projects can be achieved by placing lighting fixtures at important locations of the tower crane to increase visibility and facilitate the work.


Tower crane lighting is indispensable for construction sites, which is a necessary item to increase operational efficiency. But what kind of lighting fixtures should tower cranes choose?

Most of the tower cranes used halogen lamps in the past, but the situation has changed since the advent of LED crane floodlights. More efficient and uniform lighting, and most importantly, can save a lot of energy consumption .

LED Tower Crane Lights,

So what characteristics do you need to pay attention to when choosing LED tower crane lights?

1. Durability. This is because the LED tower crane floodlight installed on the construction site or in the harbour is in a harsh environment, such as a dusty area. In order to prevent the lamps from rusting and damaging, this should be considered in the design. In order to withstand common severe weather conditions, waterproof and corrosion test certifications are required.

2. Excessive heat does reduce the life and brightness of tower crane lights. Therefore, better heat dissipation is required for LED tower crane lights.

3. Weight, lighter weight can reduce the difficulty of installation and reduce safety risks.

4. High efficiency, higher efficiency can not only save energy consumption, but LED tower crane lighting can replace high-power lamps with halogen lamps with low power, and achieve higher quality lighting effects. Our 720W LED tower crane can replace the halogen lamp of 1600W-1800W.

The advantages of Lampshining LED Tower Crane Lights include:

1. High luminous efficiency: 160Lm / W;

2. High efficiency,> 95;

3. Waterproof, lightningproof and windproof;

4. Lighter weight at the same power lumen value;

5. Working life: more than 50,000 hours;

6.passed TUV, CE, SAA, CB, LM79, LM80, LSTMT, LCP, ETL, cETL, DLC, CB, Salt Spray test certification;

The following is the real case that our customers feedback to us.

LED Tower Crane Lights

LED Tower Crane Lights

If you need a suitable LED tower crane light, please feel free to contact us. For installation layouts that are not so certain, our engineers can help suggest appropriate lighting layouts to best illuminate the intended area. If the installation layout is not appropriate, it may affect nearby residents, which may affect the overall night work.


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