What are the factors affecting the life of LED street lamps?

Sep. 26, 2020

With the continuous improvement to high-power LED street lamp technology, the advantages of LED street lamps in outdoor lighting are becoming more and more obvious. Compare with the traditional high-pressure sodium lamps, under the premise of obtaining the same road illumination, it can save more than 50%, and Uniform illumination, no stroboscopic, which is why more and more cities are beginning to replace LED street lights. So how to choose so many LED street lights on the market, what is the life of LED street lights? There are two factors to consider. 1. The service life of LED lamps, 2. The service life of the poles.

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As we all know, LED street lights are mainly composed of two parts: street light poles and LED street light heads. The light poles of conventional LED street lights are made of high-quality plates. After the whole hot-dip galvanizing, they are treated by electrostatic spray. The service life of the light poles is It can be more than 15 years. To ensure such a long service life, it is necessary to ensure that the corrosion resistance of the lamp post can be good. The thickness of the zinc layer should be 65-90 um, so that the zinc layer and the steel rod are firmly combined. After galvanizing, the light pole can be sprayed to improve the anti-corrosion performance of the pole. The higher the pole, the corresponding increase in wall thickness and the enhanced wind resistance, which ensure the service life of the LED street lamp.

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In addition, the life of LED lamps is a key factor affecting LED street lamps. The service life of LED lamps is affected by various factors, such as heat dissipation, power supply, chip and so on. The higher the power of the LED luminaire, the higher the heat dissipation requirement. A good power supply not only saves energy, but also has a more stable current, and can effectively improve the service life of LED lamps. In order to make LED lamps use as long as possible, it is necessary to improve these factors as much as possible to make LEDs lasts longer. Of course, Waterproof of LED Street lamps can also play a role in this

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The performance of Mars Series LED street Light, developed and produced by our company Lampshining, is very good. It has a Twis Lock photocell, which can save energy and energy to the greatest extent, and the installation method can also be selected, so that the illumination angle can be used according to the situation. Adjustment. The IP66 level is waterproof and dust proof, which makes the use of LED Street light more convenient and easier to maintain. It has ISO-9001, ETL, TUV, DLC, SAA, RoHS and other authoritative certifications, so you can use it with more confidence. The 60W-200W Mars Series LED Street Light can replace the HPS equivalent of 105-750W.

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It is an excellent choice of replacing LED street lights in cities.

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