LED Street Light Installation Instructions

Sep. 26, 2020

LED Street Light Installation Instructions

With the acceleration of urban construction work, traditional street lamps with high-pressure sodium lamps are the mainstay due to high energy consumption.

The life expectancy is not long, resulting in high power consumption for road lighting, accounting for 38% of the electricity used in social lighting.

For the field of lighting that consumes a lot of electricity. LED street lights are different from traditional sodium lamps, which can reduce power consumption to the greatest extent.

The comprehensive energy saving rate can reach more than 50%. So what should you pay attention to in the construction of LED street lamps?

1. The LED street light must be equipped with a protective grounding wire to prevent the pole from being charged for unpredictable reasons.

2, LED street light accessories are complete, no deformation, paint peeling and other phenomena, it is strictly prohibited to hit LED street lights during construction.

3, LED street light installation longitudinal center line and lamp arm longitudinal center line should be consistent, LED street light horizontal line and ground

Parallel, after tightening, visually measure without skew.

4. When the LED street lamp head is adjustable, the center line of the light source should fall within the range of the road width.

5, LED street light elevation street width and the light distribution curve of the lamp to determine, the elevation angle of each street should be consistent.

6, LED street light installation height, the same street lighting installation height must be consistent (lighting center to ground height).

7. It is necessary to ensure the safety of construction: ensure that the construction area has been cut off before construction, and the construction personnel need to fasten before lifting the crane.

Wear a safety helmet with your seat belt.

In terms of safety, the waterproof performance of LED street lights is very important.

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