Why can low-power LED lighting replace high-power traditional lighting?

Sep. 26, 2020

With the energy-saving and environmental protection advantages of LED lighting, LED lamps are gradually affecting the lighting needs of various scenes, from LED commercial lighting to industrial lighting. With the continuous improvement of technology, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly LED lighting technology has been seen everywhere in life. LEDs can be directly converted into light energy. It solves the problems encountered by incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps. It is more efficient than fluorescent lamps and does not use environmentally harmful substances. It is the best choice for modern lighting. This is also the reason why LED lamps will gradually replace traditional lighting fixtures. With the maturity of LED lighting technology, LEDs will enter more fields.

led lighting

The illumination of LED lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps and metal halides seems similar. Why can low-power LED lamps replace high-power Traditional lamps?

1. Efficiency

Most of the traditional lamps are point sources, which are 360-degree illumination. In fact, there is very little light applied to the direction of illumination, which is only about 30%. Therefore, the remaining light must be reflected by the reflector in the luminaire to the direction in which illumination is required to achieve higher light utilization. Due to this particularity, traditional luminaires can only achieve 60-70% efficiency.

2. Light effect

Power does not determine how much illumination a site receives. We need to look at the lumens emitted by the fixture, which is why low-power LEDs can replace high-power Traditional lamps.

Take our 100W UFO LED High Bay Light for example. Our LED high bay light can reach 160LM/W, while traditional lamps can only reach about 80LM/W. If a site requires 300,000 lumens of illumination, and our 100W UFO LED High Bay Light is 160LM/W, then 300,000 / 16000 = 19, about 19pcs 100W led high bay light will be able to achieve the required illumination. If you use a traditional 100W lamp, the light efficiency is only 80LM/W, then 300000/8000 = 38, about 38 traditional lamps are needed to achieve the same illumination as 19 100W UFO LED High Bay Light. Therefore, LED lights can save about 50% of the consumption. In addition, the light of the LED is oriented, that is to say, there is no need to configure the reflector, so the LED lamp can save 60-80% energy consumption compared with the traditional lamp with 60-70% efficiency. Therefore, the 100W LED lamp can replace the traditional 200-250W lamp.

ufo led high bay lighting

By analyzing and comparing the final luminous efficiency values, we can know why low-power LED lamps can replace high-power traditional lamps.


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