Are LED Corn Bulbs Dimmable

Sep. 26, 2020

Are LED Corn Bulbs Dimmable

After LED lamps are widely used, there are more and more types and functions of LED lamps, among which LED corn bulb is a relatively light and small one, which is a good choice.

led corn bulbs application

LED corn bulbs have many advantages, such as the following points:

High efficiency and energy saving under the same brightness, the LED energy — saving lamp only consumes 1 kilowatt hour, the ordinary incandescent lamp consumes 1 kilowatt hour, And the ordinary energy — saving lamp consumes 1 kilowatt hour.

The theoretical service life of ultra — long life LED super energy — saving lamps can reach more than 10000 hours, The service life of ordinary incandescent lamps is more than 1000 hours.

Light healthy Light does not contain ultraviolet and infrared ray, no radiation, no pollution. The Ordinary energy - saving lamp tube and incandescent lamp Light the contains ultraviolet ray and infrared ray.

Green, environmental protection, does not contain harmful elements to the as mercury and lead, which is conducive to the process and utilization, and will not produce electromagnetic interference, The common lamp tubes contain harmful elements such as mercury and lead, energy-saving lamps electronic lamps will produce electromagnetic interference.

Protect vision use dc power supply drive, no stroboscopic lights are ac drive, it is inevitable to produce stroboscopic pigmentation to the eyes for a long time.

Light efficiency high heat, 90% of the electrical energy into visible Light, ordinary incandescent lamps only 20% of the electrical energy into visible Light, The other 80% of the electrical energy into heat is a great waste of limited resources.

High safety coefficient required voltage, current is small, less heat, no safety hazards, can be used in the mine and other dangerous places.

Unique construction design easier for power supply and light source replacement if needed, with full beam Angle (360 degrees).

Fin aluminum heat dissipation system (PATENT design). The fan of active air exchanging cooling system in order to speed up heat dissipation.

No spot, No black area, long life span and less brightness decay.

Various lamp bases are available, a wide range of applications.(E39/E40 mogul, E26/E27 medium)

No magnetic disturbance influence and CE & RoHS standard compliant.

No UV and near-ir radiation in the light beam.

CE, RoHS Certificate.

LED corn bulb contains many advantages above, are LED corn Bulbs dimmable?

led corn bulbs dimmable

The answer is yes, there are dimmable LED corn Bulbs, if you want to know more, you can contact us: LED Lights Manufacturer

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