led street light manufacturer in china ENEC Listed

Sep. 26, 2020

China LED Street Light Manufacturer ENEC Listed

LED street lights greatly reduce the consumption of lighting, reducing lighting power is an important way to save energy. LEDs attract the attention of the world with its superiority.

The United States, Japan and other countries and Taiwan have predicted the LED lighting efficiency. 55% of the incandescent Lights and fluorescent Lights in the United States have been replaced by LEDs, saving 35 billion US dollars in electricity bills every year.

It can reduce 725 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year. The replacement of 100% of incandescent Lights in Japan with LEDs can reduce the power generation of 1-2 nuclear power plants and save more than 1 billion liters of crude oil per year.

In Taiwan, 25% of incandescent Lights and 100% fluorescent Lights are replaced by LEDs, saving 11 billion kWh per year. LED lighting will also create a huge industry market of $50 billion.

The Mars series street Lights are applied to the Lights of the street Lights through the special light-shaped LED street Lights, which can shift the illumination angle of the Lights.

Improve the lighting utilization of the roadside; the Mars series of streetlights can be adjusted to meet the ambient lighting conditions with different installations and adjustment angles.

Therefore, it is more in line with the current lighting design of the traffic road, and it is not necessary to increase the height of the pole to meet a sufficiently wide illumination range.

Moreover, the lighting efficiency of the luminaire is improved, and the lighting power density of the road is reduced, thereby realizing energy-saving and environmentally-friendly high-power LED street light for road lighting.

LED Street Lights application

Advantages compared to traditional high pressure sodium Lights:

1. The illumination mechanism is different. Since the LED street Lights is a semiconductor device, its effective life can reach 50,000 hours.

Far higher than sodium Lights and metal halide Lights (their life is about 1,200-15,000 hours).

 2. Since the LED street light is a semiconductor material, no filament and other additional materials, it has good shock resistance.

3. The color rendering index of LED street light source lighting can reach 80 or more, which is close to natural light. In this case, the human eye is more likely to distinguish things and is beneficial to driving safety. The color rendering index of high pressure sodium Lights is only 20-30.

 4. Conventional gas discharge Lights, such as high-pressure sodium Lights, have a preheating process at startup, which wastes energy and is not conducive to intelligent control. LED street lights have fundamental differences in light source, and there is no "start-up time" problem. , power up can work immediately,

It is very convenient to realize intelligent energy-saving control.

5. Since the traditional street light source uses the mechanism of mercury vapor to emit light, the disposal of waste light source is also an urgent problem to be solved all over the world.

At the same time, the illuminating mechanism of the traditional light source determines that it emits ultraviolet rays harmful to the human body. The LED street light source is solid-state lighting. It has no harmful substances such as mercury and does not emit ultraviolet light. Therefore, it is an environmentally friendly light source.

6. In the optical system, the traditional street light source is omnidirectional, half of the light is reflected by the reflector, and the reflector absorbs part of the light, so the light loss is relatively large. Since LED street lights are unidirectional, the utilization of light is higher than that of conventional street Lights.

The Mars series LED Street Lights have the following characteristics:

mars series led street light

1.Accessory: surge protection

    The standard 100-277v fixture comes with 10kA surge protection already integrated.

    SPD1 surge protection devices is perfectly adapted for outdoor lighting to provide single phase protection for line/neutral, line/ground and neutral/ground in accordance with LEEE C62.41 2002 C High, UL 1449 and IEC61643-11.

2.Accessory: Photocell

    The Mars Street light Photocell integration controls the illumination of the fixture by detecting surrounding ambient light.

    Photocell base comes pre-installed, lock cap included in package when shipped and ready to apply during assembly, Twist-Lock Photocell automatic turns lights On at Dusk and O ffat dawn.

3.Accessory: Mounting

    The Mars Street Light comes standard with a 60mm slip fitter.

    Optional slip fitter mounts are available at 60mm, and 76mm diameters

4. The smooth, anti-static surface of the Mars reduces dust, sand and avoid bird droppings and other material accumulation.

    The UV protection and high strength anti-corrosion coating minmizes wear and increasesthe fixture's lifespan.

    IP66 protection with durable electrostatic spray which apply to harsh outdoor applications. Tool free for open, reasonable layout design brings simple maintenance.

5. The LEDS Module and Driver can be easily removed, allowing real on-site replacement at the end of its service life in order to take advantage of future technological developments. This easy and rapid procedure reduces. Maintenance costs and contributes to reducing the total cost of ownership.

6. The Mars fixture includes simple installation with convenient abjustability.

The Mars fixture can be mounted horizontally or vertically with our universal slip fit system. Simply detach and rotate the slip fitter 180° to achieve the vertical orientation. Both orientation options include the ability to rotate 15degree or more.

7. ENEC TUV CE RoHS CB SAA C-tick IK09 IP66 test Flame Retardan Vibration test Salt Spray test listed

However, a good LED Street lamp needs regular Maintenance. You can learn about LED Street Light Maintenance Factor in detail here

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