led street light power consumption

Sep. 26, 2020

LED Street Light Power Consumption

Every industry has its own professional knowledge, the layman to see the fun, the layman to see the door, so For the road, its lighting, the choice of LED street Lights with more power is appropriate, this problem must be relatively professional to people Say, affirmation is more understanding, but to the client of layman, what now to this respect is not very much, that

So let's talk about this a little.

LED Street Light Power Consumption

Before the choice, must consider the question in many aspects, mainly considers these points first.

1. Use of LED street Lights.

For the power selection of street Lights, the purpose of LED street Lights should be clarified. Where is the location of its installation and the general main purpose.

It is divided into industrial parks, pedestrian streets, commercial streets, conventional roads and lights at the gates of various organs. In the purpose.

Under different circumstances, the power of street Lights selected is also different.

2. LED street Lights lighting time.

Some regions have certain requirements on the lighting duration of LED street Lights. It is suggested to choose Lampshining Mars Series LED street Lights for a long time.

LED Street Light Power Consumption

The lighting of LED street Lights also has high requirements, especially its heat dissipation, for the power of street Lights

 the greater its power, the greater the demand for heat dissipation. Therefore, when choosing street Lights power, do not blindly choose

3. Height of LED street Lights.

Demand for the street light pole, its length is different, there are 3 meters, 6 meters, 9 meters, 11 meters, and other highly light pole also has a lot of, but in large power LED street light must have a smaller than the height of power of street light intensity is high, so customers in choosing a street Lights power, to clear the height of the light pole is probably how many, good survey of all aspects of the actual situation in advance.

4. The actual installation environment of LED street Lights and the brightness of their light sources are all factors to be considered.

For the street Lights installation project, the more powerful the street Lights installation effect is, the more appropriate to choose the right LED street Lights, to make full use of resources.

When choosing the power of LED street Lights, the power should be considered according to various conditions before making a decision. Choosing the right street light is the key.

The trend of LED street lamps is also worth people's attention.

If you have any questions about LED street Lights, please contact us.

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