How long is the service life of high-power LED Street lights?

Sep. 26, 2020

How long is the service life of high-power LED Street lights?

For LED street lights, the correct choice of street lights is of great significance. For led street lights, they are also a kind of Street lighting.

Not only for the city street lighting has a good role, but also its brightness is relatively high, for the night travel friends to provide a lot of convenience.

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So for high-power led street lights, its service life is generally how long, today to explain this problem.

Led street lights in the selection process, is to choose to accord to the specific situation of the street surface, for different heights of the lights pole must choose different power.

For example, the 6-meter lamppost will choose the 30-60w lights head, while the 8-meter lights head will choose the 60w-100w lights head. Before the selection, the street conditions of street lights installed should be investigated and some reference standards should be given.

For the service life of LED light source, it is relatively long, but for the service life of lights and lanterns, it is not only the service life of light source, but also the driving life of lights and lanterns.

mars series led street light

Lens and so on. Therefore, the service life of street lights is subject to the shorter life parts in street lights. The current led technology is relatively mature.

The lenses made of silicon in the well-done power supply boxes have a service life of 50,000 hours. Relatively speaking, the service life is relatively long. It is in use process, also compare energy-saving.

For led street lights, in the part of power saving, 120W led lights will replace 250w high pressure sodium lights. For lighting up with 100 lights for 12 hours, the daily consumption of high pressure sodium lights will be 351 degrees.

LED Street Lights

LED street lights consume 144 degrees of electricity per day. If led street lights are intelligently dimmed, the whole energy saving can reach more than 70%. The actual data has proved that for led street lights, it is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Compared with the traditional high-voltage sodium lights with power, Led street lights has a better brightness effect. When the Led light source is configured, it cannot be configured according to the traditional ideas. Its service life is long.

But in the current market, led street lights prices will be higher. Users can purchase led street lights with high cost performance according to their own needs to complete the purpose of Street lighting.

After selecting the LED Lamp, you need to pay attention to it when it needs Maintenance. This LED Street Lamp Maintenance Knowledge can help you.

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