LED Road Lighting Contrast With Traditional Road Lighting

Sep. 08, 2020

LED road lighting contrast with traditional road lighting

After the LED lighting began to be widely used, many buyers would care about the comparison between LED road lighting and traditional road lighting. Which kind of lighting is better?

led road lights for road lighting

Let's take a brief look at the features of several lighting fixtures from the introduction below.

High pressure sodium lamp

The instantaneous driving current is twice the working current, and the current returns to the normal working current when driven.
Light source
360 degree
6000 hours
Power efficiency

Metal halide lamp

The driving current is twice the normal working current, and the current returns to the normal working state when the light source is driven.
Light source
360 degree
6000 hours
75 ro more
Power efficiency

Energy-saving lamps

The driving current is 3 times of the normal working current, and the current returns to the normal working state when the light source is driven.
Light source360 degree
Life10000 hours
CRI75 or more
Power efficiency80%

LED lights

The driving voltage is AC/DC, the working voltage is low, and the working current is DC.
Light source180 degree
Life>50000 hours
CCT2700-6000K can be arbitrarily selected
CRI75 or more
Power efficiency90%

LED lighting efficiency is high, so that energy saving and environmental protection are truly achieved. The use of high-power LED street lamps for road lighting has these advantages compared with traditional lamps:

1. LED street light is a kind of semiconductor device with an effective life of up to 50,000 hours, much higher than sodium lamps and metal halide lamps (they have a lifetime of about 10,000-12,000 hours).

2. The color rendering index of LED street lamps can reach 80 or more, which is closer to natural light, making the street more clear and real, and is conducive to driving safety. The color rendering index of high-pressure sodium lamps is only 20-30.

3. Since the LED street light is a semiconductor material and has no additional materials, it has good shock resistance.

4. Conventional gases require a preheating process at start-up, which wastes energy and is not conducive to control. LED street lights do not require startup time, you’ll enjoy an “instant-on, flicker-free” cold start, and industry-leading high efficacy.

5. Since the traditional street light source uses mercury vapor, and the illuminating mechanism determines that it emits harmful ultraviolet rays.
The LED street light source is an environmentally friendly light source for solid-state lighting. It has no harmful substances such as mercury and does not emit ultraviolet light.

6. The light distribution curve of the traditional street lamp is determined by the reflector, so it has certain limitations, and the LED street light source is a distributed light source, which can control the light distribution by design to obtain high illumination uniformity.

7. The traditional street light source is omnidirectional. In order to illuminate the light, a reflector is needed, so the light loss is relatively large. Since the LED street lamp is unidirectionally illuminated and does not require auxiliary device reflection, the utilization of light is high.

8. More complete automatic control (optional): You can choose to configure Photocell sensor. LED street lights will automatically turn off at dawn when you bring Photocell sensor and turn on at dusk, which means less energy consumption.

led road lighting

LED street light has long life, high efficiency, energy saving, short starting time, high color rendering, low working temperature, stable structure and shockproof.
Directional lighting, low operating voltage, no UV, lightweight, and other advantages, is the most promising new generation of the light source. The use of LED street lights as lighting will gradually replace traditional lighting and use it in various fields.

LED street lights are attracting the attention of the world with its superiority. Forecasts on LED street lighting efficiency in countries such as the United States and Japan.

1.55% of incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps in the United States have been replaced by LED street lamps, saving 35 billion US dollars in electricity bills per year and reducing 725 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

2.Japan's 100% incandescent lamp is replaced by LED street light, which can reduce the power generation of 1-2 nuclear power plants and save more than 1 billion liters of crude oil per year.

We are a professional LED Street Lights Manufacturer in China, below is the modern LED street light we developed and produced.

led road lights for road lighting

Thank you for stopping to see this. If you need LED road lights, we recommend two Series road light by Lampshining. Interested parties can contact us.

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