LED street lights and hps lights, who has more advantages

Sep. 26, 2020

LED street lights and high pressure sodium lights, who has more advantages

1, the characteristics of the LED street lights itself — the unidirectional nature of lights, no lights diffusion, to ensure lights efficiency.

2. LED street lights have automatic control energy-saving devices, which can achieve the maximum possible power reduction and save energy when meeting the lightsing requirements of different time periods.

3. Each unit LED chip has a small volume, so it can be fabricated into various shapes and is suitable for a variable environment.

4, long life: can use more than 50,000 hours, high lights efficiency.

5, easy to install: directly install the lights head to the lights pole to connect or nest the lights source with the lights housing.

6, reliable quality: circuit power supply all use high-quality components, each LED has a separate over current protection, no need to worry about damage

LED street lights have the following advantages over traditional high-pressure sodium lights:

1. Energy saving: The lights source efficiency of LED has reached 130lm/W, and there is still a lot of room for development. The luminous efficiency of high-pressure sodium lights increases with the increase of power. Therefore, the overall luminous efficacy LED street lights is stronger than the high-pressure sodium lights. High efficiency LED lights source with high efficiency.

The rate of power supply, the actual lightsing effect has been tested and compared with the current high-pressure sodium lights used in roads, the energy saving is more than 60%, and the space for technological progress is still very large. With the rapid increase in LED efficiency, LED street lights have shown great potential in terms of energy saving.

2, good color rendering: LED street lights color rendering is much higher than high-pressure sodium lights, LED color rendering index is high (75 ~ 80), high-pressure sodium lights color rendering index is only 23 or so, from the visual psychological point of view, to achieve the same brightness, LED street lights illuminate average can be higher than high pressure sodium

The lights is reduced by more than 20%. And the road looks brighter, feels more comfortable, and the driver feels safer.

3, long life: LED street lights's lights decay is small, the lights decay of less than 3% a year, the use of 10 years still meet the road use illumination requirements, and the high-pressure sodium lights decays, has been reduced by more than 30% in a year or so, so LED street lights can be designed with higher power than high pressure sodium

The lights is low and the life is longer.

5. Green and environmental protection: LED does not contain heavy metals such as harmful metal mercury, and it will not produce pollutants, unlike high-pressure sodium lights or metal halite lights, which cause harm to the environment when they are scrapped.

6. Low maintenance cost: Based on the current technical level and test results, high-power LED lights source can be used normally for 10 years without replacement, while traditional high-pressure sodium lights are replaced once every year and a half. Using LED lights source can greatly reduce maintenance costs.  Color temperature.

The importance of waterproof performance of LED street lamps is introduced in this article.

Optional: LED can meet the needs of color temperature in different occasions. The color temperature requirements for indoor and outdoor are different. Home lightsing and commercial lightsing are also different. In addition, some stores require alternative LED white lights to make their products more fashionable and refined. From color.

Meet the appetite of shoppers. The color temperature of the high-pressure sodium lights is too low, which makes people feel depressed and hypnotic. The summer yellow lights may give people a feeling of heat.

Of course, if the product has LED street lamp authority certification, it will be more comfortable for buyers to use.

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